Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Wrong Shift!!!!!

U can not b serious!!!!
 Its 6am...time to get outta my bed,

* Drag the lad out, first challenge of the day, ( he dont like Mondayssss....or any other days  lol ) )
* Get sandwiches done...
* Get the young fella n the hubby up ( not too challenging )
* Quick dip in the shower...ready oneself!!!
* Not too bad this morning ..on a late.........
every one out n about their business...time for a qhick coffee n on my way......

Plenty of time think i might do a bit ov window shopin

Gotta luv Zara...

Better come back to reality...time for work

Good morning,  good morning...greeting every 1 with my usual bubbly smile....
mmmm something not quite right.... atmosphere...           Ground control to major tom, wots goin on....or is it that.someone announced we not getting paid this week!!!!!!???

The girls just acknowledge me with a nod...for Gods sake try to smile!!!  May b sum 1 died ( God forgive me )???  mayb the company is finishin,??? may b the worlds gonna end...( eventually i spose )??? May b theres no tissues in the ladies...arghhhhhh

Canteen in sight and here comes the manageress....I greet her with a smile.....
 'Helooooo is it me u lookin forrrr

 Poker face ent the word....

'Werent u spose to be on an early?'   she asked   
through gritted teeth...   

Ahhhhh Bisto !!!! ...........pennys dropped!!!!
S**ttttt....no-way...U can not b serious!!!!
Yes i have misread the rota and come in an hour late....
I apologise unreservedly...try to explain my mistake!!!
'i'l speak to u later about this matter...' she informs me
( Jesus Christ..u'd of thought i'd dun a murder...guilty as charged!!!! )  She so wanted to tear strips off me....may b later????

Yep later on in the day i get summoned to the room tortured...and forced to sign a document.and theres worse to cum.( i'm aware of the consequences and that i will loose an hours pay)

Noooooo  u can not be sserious....u cant take £6.72 off me!!!!!!!
( as if i expect 2 b paid for not bein there....like we get overtime payment for wen we r 30 mins late leaving in the evenin. NOT!! )
course i understand that peope cant b ariving late etc...but mistakes happen...it wasnt as if we had to turn customers away...and t was the 1st time its happened....but b assured it wont b happenin again
Nuf sed....well nearly!!!!
 W T F !!!!!!

Monday, 29 September 2014


And there's more.....

   believe it or not,,,,i cant stand sweets now..( well except for the good old swizzler lollies )  me dear old Mam used to fetch me bag fulls of these li'l suckers when i was expectin....) God luv her....funny thing ...memories...

I much prefer a nice chocolate...


Sunday, 28 September 2014

sweet memories

This should be tasty!!!!

Funny how a buying my grandaugher a li'l notebook to colour in could cunjure up so many old memories...
Her li'l notebook cover had pictures of old fashioned sweets...weird how something like this can almost catapult you back into your childhood....
A childhood, that, up until i was 10 years old,  was  not too bad as far as i can remember...yeah there was episodes in it that wernt very nice, which i am sure was true of a lot of famiies in the 60's ( but li'l did i know there was a lot worse too cum )
But back to this blast from the past.......

Who remembers these ????


The road we lived in was a long road of terraced house on the one side and posher houses on the other side with nice gardens....at the time it seemed to take me a week to walk from our no 16 all the way down the steep hill and then all the way up to the top of the road where the corner shop was....i was a regular visitor, running errands for my Mam, fetching a bottle of milk or a loaf of bread, ( those days we used the tall thin bottles of steralised milk with a steel top on it, which was supposed to be removed by a bottle opener, which i could never bloody find, I think my older brother used to use it in the garden to dig up the dirt!!!!! so i would use my teeth, yes i'm sure quite a few can relate to that...lol ) what was more suprisin was that i used to get back with it all in one piece...( u darent go bak n tell her u'd dropt it and broke it..God forbid....it was probably the last shilling she'd got!!!! and she was waitin for her cuppa...Bless her

And there was always a penny or 2 for sume sweets....
surprisingly quite a few sweets could be bought for 2d.....which was a good job cuz i'd usually got 1 or 2 of my younger siblings with me....    and more often than not the kidz from next door aswell!!!  lol

these were disgusting...i hated liquorice..not that i could afford to be fussy...but if i had a choice it wouldnt b these...and they used to make all round ye mouth black..YUK!!!   lol

but i did have many favourites.....

i dont know how i 've still got any teeth...lol
Thats it we all need a trip to the sweet shop now.....Happy dayz  

Lazy Sunday......

Nothin at all

Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don't feel like picking up my phone
So leave a message at the tone

Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything    

Saturday, 27 September 2014


I think they should come with a health warning !!!! 

Its the Weekend....yeahhhh

So after a bit ov a slow start ( watchin Emmerdale + Corrie omnibus in bed )....its 1pm and i've kinda caught up wiv myself.....put in a few loads of washin in, vaccuumed all through, bathrooms ad a quik wipe round! and dishwasher loaded...Yes!!!  
Time for a quik shower and off to the shops wiv hubby...mayb...
Nearly dun...time for a coffee i think....( shud ov got out wen i ad the chance !!!! )

     'R u in????'

   Its my 2nd eldest son, announcing that him n his wife with the 2 children ( 1 crazy hyper active 2 year old and a sweet excitable 6month old ) r on their way round.......
Now to say that i adore them is an understatement.....but if u r tryin 2 get out,.....mmmmmm
In comes the young fella like a hurricane...' u got gweets Ganma, i ad my ginna ' 
Closely followed by my son, carrying his 6 month old daughter...' u ent goin anywhere r ye Mam ????'
and his newly expectin wife ( 3 months pregnant ) makin up the rear fully laden wiv baby bags n toys n the remainder ov my gransons lunch..( just 2 b clear thats not a new WIFE !!! just a new baby on the way!!!  lmao)
first stop for both son n grandson is more often than not the goody draw....which is then followed by regular intervals every 10 mins for the whole duration ov their stay !!! with several visits to the refrshments cupboard to wash down the treats !!! ( no wonder they r on the roof 24/7 ) 
so within 5 mins of arriving, my once tidy minamalistic lounge, now looks like a bomb site!!! any thoughts of goin shoppin gon 4eva.....
my 6 month old grandaughter is shreiking uncontrollably at her brother who is sprintin from one side ov the lounge 2 the other and leapin over her!!!   I am havin a heart attack! 
'Gook at me Ganma, gook at me baby, gook Gandad' he shouts repeatedly
i try 2 calm him down, but its like tryin 2 stop a runaway truck with a push bike.....no effect!!! wheres the chardonnay!!
this continues for the full 2hrs ( seems longr )that they are here...
crisps n hoola hoops scattered all ova the floor...the baby addin a generous amount of puke for good measure...wet wipes every where!!!!   my once immaculate jet black carpet now lookin very worse for wear!!!!
the baby, with her infectious smile n crystal blue eyes, is passed round like a parcel..shreikin at being the centre of attention....
Cups of tea for every one is the next request....recipe for disaster....n i ent talkin bout the children....my son at nearly 6 feet tall and probably nearly as much broad is one of the most clumsiest individuals i have eva had the pleasure of knowin n lovin !!!
'gea n gisgits for me Ganma '
thankfully his mother sed he didnt need it cuz he'd just ad pop n crisp....
so apologisin they have 2 go so soon ( my son smirkin!! ) they start the process of gatherin their belongins 2getha...this cud take a while....then the goodbyes...bless...every one has 2 have kisses..big squeezes..( sometimes 2 or 3 times ) or my granson goes ballistic !!!
And they r gon.....leaving a trail of destruction n chaos in their wake...
oh yes and 2 very drained granparents!!!!!
do not interpet this as moaning or dislike.....this is Sayin it as it is....they are my family...crazy as they are and i luv them dearly and thank the Blessed Lord for each n every one of them every day..........Feelin Blessed



Thursday, 25 September 2014

Shocking in Pink !!!

So i have a date wiv my b.e.a.utiful daughter n grandaughter....

and after 3 long days at work, i am so lookin forward 2 it.....just being able to go about my business at a leisurely pace and do a bit ov window shopping wiv me dols.....yep sounds diviiiinnnneee

So boys and hubby off to school, work and work..and put a load of washing in and do a bit ov vaccuuming and a quick wipe round...its time to get a move on.....First things first...Wot to wear???
  I really fancy being a bit colourful...warm....even hot...yep i think pink....

Make-up done ..hair ok...spray the deo...i'm off !!!!

Put my foot down ...arranged to meet em 10 mins ago.....pull onto the carpark n they av just arrived too....perfect timin
Unusually so...my daughter has a slight grin on her face
my grandaughters face also lights up as she recognises me
'Wots tickled u..'i ask
shes starring at my clothes.....we got the same idea she sais...and it really shows......am i gonna change or are you....cus the baby got the same colour on too !!!!!!
Yep she was wearing pink trousers n a black t shirt...mine was a pink skirt n a black jacket...n not to b different the baby had a pink n black dress on...wtf
Lol ..mini me n mini me' oh yes n mini me.....
Wot a sight we must of been......all dressed the same something to b seen... if we had planned it...it couldnt ov looked better....all co-ordinating (down to the letter)....
Well we definitley got sum funny looks....   Great minds think alike......

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What a long day again!!!

17 hrs

Well i could say i was knackered, but tbf...i think i've gone past tired

Luckily i've never needed much sleep, which is a blessing with 5 children that didnt need much either!!!   but just lately i have been feeling like i could do with a nap in the afternoon...especially after starting this job!!!!
  could av something to do wiv being the wrong side of 50 as well...we all think we can just carry on like when we was 16 but its inevitable...somethings got to give...

6.15. the alarm went off....down 3 flights of stairs to put the kettle on...back up one to wake my lad for work...continue back up to the top for a 2mins shower...( ok 5 mins ) back down ...stop off to shout the lad again who's still snoring...kitchen...make a cuppa...quickly throw a ham sandwich 2getha for lunch,  scold me throat with the hot tea and back up the stairs...And there's more....

Cartoon alarm clock Royalty Free Stock Photography   

Make up ..deodarant...oh ye teeth...uniform...hair up...nearly there....back down 3 flights...not forgetting to shout son on way....check for change for parking meter...
I'm off now ...its 6.55 and DONT GET GOING BACK TO SLEEP!!!!!    
Shout to husband to get young fella up for school and pull the door to behind me..
AS per....loads of traffic even at this time....35 min journey that is gonna take nearly an hr!!!!
why do people crawl along at 25 miles an hr...surely they have somewhere to b if they r up at his unGodly Hour...'Stay in bed n stop f*****g holdin evry 1 up!!!'
Sights to behold....shes eating a banana...shes putting her mascara on ( watch out tor the potholes missis)_....God forbid hes avin a shave...( dont know how hes managing not to tip his water all over the car...lol, careful not to cut ye throat....and of course every one is txtin or makin calls..       .( still an offence...not that u'd know it....).
so i get a break...dual carriage way ahead...must get a move on....cant b late.....now is this 60 or 70 MPH ?????  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

arrive on car park...feed the meter and do a spot of power walkin to work...
time for a quick coffee...8.00am and we're off...post to do, 2moros clinic to be printed...calls to answer...no rest for the wicked, lenses to be posted out...no shows to be chased...great its lunchtime..
50 mins later back behind the counter...smilin..happy to help!!!!
 A smile back wouldnt go amiss...Jesus Christ!!!!  catch up on a few more queeries!!! and i use the term loosely.....time for a bit of training..(cuz i'm still on probation ) and its nearly 5....Home time..   .( only get one break and thats lunch...no mornin or afternoon breaks!!!   ) so 2 say i cud murder a coffee is an understatement  rush bak 2 the car and im soon back on the way home...<<<<<<<<<<<<<.lots of 5 o'clock traffic, but hey i'm on the waay home....whos bothered
flickin through the stations for my favourite songs...'Steamy windows'...put the wipers on  lmao, I'll drive all night '  for a Costa light....lol

back home n the race is on....food to sort,,,clothes to put in the washer, bit of tidyin round...quick chat wiv me boys...And there's more.....time for a splash in the shower...prepare sandwiches for 2moro....Nice cuppa....

And time 2 slip into somethin comfy....my bed   Happy Dayzzzzz    Good night n Godbless