Thursday, 29 January 2015


It dosnt cost anything to be can be a simple as a smile or a the reciever it could be the whole world!!!!

Veg prepped

The simple things which make the start of my day a CHILLED one!!!

Unelievable but true...when i get all my veg prepped before I leave the house in the morning, I usually have a less stressful day.....simply because I know I havnt got to stand for the first 30 mins and prep veg!!!!  
Which simply put means i can go straight to indulgence when i get back home......

Have a great day....x.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Bizarre....yes thats the right word..outlandish, eccentric!!!!

The longer I know myself the more I realise how ' Bizarre ' I am.

( and u no wot...i didnt think 'bizarre' was spelt like that!!!! Bazarre...WTF!!! lol ) 

 Just take the humble Bacon and Egg sarnie....most of us like it cooked in a cetain way, right?
Crispy bacon...egg thats cooked with the white crispy on the edges but still yolky...on a good quality granary bread/pannini/cob.....mmmmm now thats what I'm talking about 

But this is where eit gets past Bizarre....Ludicrous even....
I prefer to cook it myself....( no not that!! )
The bread has to be buttered....( nothing unusual Bout that I hear u say )  then the egg needs to go next, pipping hot to melt the butter, break the egg so as the yolk runs all out, then HP brown sauce, which in turn makes the sauce HOT, then the bacon still sizzling, straight from the pan......job dun.....washed down with a nice hot cup of  perfectly made PG Tips....ahhhhhh 

Somehow I dont think I'd get it quite like that from a cafe....( and I have the cheek to call others FUSSY!!!! )

Friday, 23 January 2015

Anne Kirkbride ( Coronation Street Star Deidre.)

  1. BornJune 21, 1954, Oldham
  2. DiedJanuary 19, 2015, Manchester

Coronation Street legend Anne Kirkbride dies after losing battle with cancer, aged 60

This was sad and shocking news to many of her fans not least me.  She has been appearing in Corrie ( Coronation Street ) for the last 4o years. 

THE much-loved actress had kept her illness a closely guarded secret, with fans told only that she was on extended leave from her role as Deirdre Barlow.

What is coronation Street some of you might be asking?
 Coronation Street (also known as Corrie) is a British soap opera made by Granada Television and shown on ITV since 1960. The programme centres on Coronation Street in Weatherfield, a fictional town based on Salford, its terraced houses, café, corner shop, newsagents, textile factory and The Rovers Return pub.
That is only a very brief outline,  even Prince Charles has appeared on screen. The residents of Coronation Street are ordinary, working-class folk, and the show follows them through regular social and family interactions -- with the occasional soap-worthy murder plot thrown in for good measure.

one particular scene involved a Trifle. It was probably one of the last scenes she was seen in.
I think every woman in the country could relate to it!!!! 
Xmas time and to add to all the rest of the stress of the day, the Trifle dosnt set properly!!!
This is a just the worst thing that could happen!!!! Deidre sobs that trifles are not runny....inevitably the trifle ends up on the wallpaper!!!!    much to the shock of all her guests

She will be sadly missed.
There were so many beautiful tributes from her co stars and also many other stars.
Filming was cancelled following her death.

The impact this has on every day peoples lives is bazarre to say the least....its like a part of us has died too.
It reminds us we are not mortal and we must not take for granted each and every day that we are given.

R.I.P. Anne Kirkbride
Thought are with your family and friends    x

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

'Foster Carer'....thats the life for me....????

You Got to Admire People who Foster...Angels in Disquise I call them....

I'm a foster carer....( 'ahhh, blowin ye own trumpet,'  I hear u say )

Nothing could be further from he truth.... I truly wish I could claim to be that Angel in Disquise, sadly I cant....I'm referring to those carers who do it year in and year out and change 100's of childrens lives..selflessly...the ones that truly make a difference
I fell into it quite by accident, an associate of mine asked me one day if i'd like to help out with some children in care, and I suppose you could say the rest is history.
After a few indecisions and hiccups I began working for a fostering company,  It was a process that ended up taking around 6 months.
 This includes an indepth look at your life and the lives of your family and some of your friends!!!!  To be quite honest some of it was very uncomfortable and took me on  journey back to, a sometimes, very dark and unhappy place called 'childhood', which, in a strange way, convinced me to have a go at fostering.
May be I could help other children who, for whatever reason, could not remain in the place called 'home'.....sounds like a cliche i grant you.....but those 6 months prying and delving into my childhood were to be more help than i could ever have imagined......( even if at times it was a very painful and to be honest made me think I was a criminal judging on some of the questions i was asked !!! )
It was an opportunity to go back, to look at it as a grown up, to deal with it as a grown up, strange as it may seem a view from a childs eyes and the same view from an adult are words apart.
I'm not gonna try and kid people into thinking that it repairs everything and puts everything to right because it dosnt, its the past and nothing can change that, but what it can help with is, addressing it, and helping you move on from it and may be even take something of benefit with you to use in the future!!!  And may be help to understand how and why people behave the way they do, and help them move on......
So if nothing else..with the excellent training the company gave me as well, the process, I believe has made me a different person ( not better/worse, just different )  Add this to the very unique children and adults i have met, I can truthfully say its been a very special journey.
I have had several placements ranging from sibling groups to a single placement.  
All were very different and came with different behaviours, these could and were very stressful.
Take 3 very young chidren, who for what ever reason have been removed from everything they know and love, and place them in a strange place with people they have never seen before, will, undoubtedly cause fear, panic,  heartache and sadness to name but a few emotions.
Yes, over time, things get better and they adjust, which is amazing in itself that these 'little people' can come to terms with the massive upheavle that has been forced on them...( sadly not all chilren/young people adjust, some end up running away or back to God knows what )
I wander ....How many of us, as adults could cope with forcibly being removed from everything we know and love and being placed in an alien place with strangers ...with a whole new set of rules and regulations !!!!!

One such placement ( i prefer to say ' one special little baby girl ' ) was the straw that broke the camels back , as far as I was concerned.
That was over a year ago and I have to tell you that I havnt cared for another child since.
Inevitably and happily, for a lot of those little individuals they get adopted by a 'forever family'......which should, and is the perfect outcome 
but for was a soul destroying moment when I had to hand over a baby, who i had foolishly fell in love with and looked on as my own, to strangers  ( never to see again ) !!!!!!!!
So you see...... I am not that Angel in Disquise
May be, one day, I will tell you about that very special little person that was lent love and care for and keep safe, while a very special family was found for her...( A special and exceptionally  lucky family )  

Monday, 19 January 2015

So I had a declutter

Xmas is a distant memory now...and i really need to sort my wardrobes out for Beautiful Spring!!!!

Spring is my favourite season...everything
So with that in mind...i thought i would sort my cupboards/wardrobes out!!!!

Looks like i went  a bit too far!!!!

Need a shopping trip I think....this is gonna be expensive.....

Friday, 16 January 2015

i need a sexy dress please

Its a special occasion...all I need to do is find a sexy dress

'Sexy dress'  in search bar...and we are away......

Errrr No!!     

When they say wowwww get this sexy dress....( errr excuse me its not the dress wots sexy its the lady in it..wth her perfect hour glass figure pftttttt )  WTF
Green V Neck Long Sleeve Solid Green Dress Black Long Sleeve Open Back Sheath DressShe wud look sexy in an old sack!!!!!

So looks like is back to the drawing board....any suggestions????

I think my washing machine is eating my socks !!!!

Why am I always having loads of odd socks?

I am constantly buying socks, (and yes i always buy pairs!!!), but regardless of how many i buy I am always left ( or right lol ) with a dozen or so odd ones.....
I Keep telling myself its not can this be ??? 
I'm sure I put pairs in the washing machine but by the time they come out...theres half missing!!!

So does this happen to you too....???

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Arghhhhh Alarm

My alarm clock literally frightens me out of my bed!!!!!!


To be honest I am so afraid of falling back asleep....I literally dive out of bed.....
( the idea of my son n husband being late for work n my son being late for school is enough to scare any 1 !!!!! )  

On that note.....

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Crisp Sandwich

We were reared on these li'l savouries....( on a good week !! )
so the good old crisp butty is having a revival....yep every where i've been this week, Radio, TV, On line...I've heard people debating over this li'l snack.....
I wasnt surprised to discover that some people have never tried one.  But I was surprised to hear of some of the variations of it ....proper gourmet style!!!!
 Apparently there is even a shop which specialises in crisp sandich Belfast....reportedly selling out within 2 hours of opening!!!!   
Wow...who would of thought.....
varieties now include: granary bread, pannini, ciabatta, seeded, wraps, toasted sandwich, ( not at the top of my list, cuz u miss the crispiness of the crisp if its on toast !!!   lol ) its endless tho....try it with cheese and onion....mmmmm
Well I for one will be sampling all of

New Years Resolution...spurred on by my husband

Is it too late to begin a new years resolution???
Funny thing ...I've ben spurred on to make this new years resolution because my husband has suffered from a really bad back
Bless him...he's a real just the fact that he has been out of action for a couple of weeks has mentally destroyed him, not to mention the physical excrusiating pain hes been in.

Over the 30 years we have been married i have never known him too actualy take time off due to ill health, sure he's been ill, it would be a miracle if over 30 years he hadnt been, occasional colds, several bouts of back problems, some quite bad cuts and a very severely sprained ankle...mainly the result of hard work and an over whelming desire to improve his empire  ( which he has been working his guts at since hes been about 12 years old...but thats another story )
So what is it...this new years resolution..I hear u ask ????

Obviously to be fitter...but not just that!!!   no i am goin to learn how to do yogaaaaaa.  
Yep I'm gonna b fit n flexible n healthy  n live to b well over 100  ( hopefully )  lol...well thats the plan
I've always been interested in yoga, but in a kind of half hearted way.  But afer trying almost everything else ( except for surgery ) my husbands back was no better!!! So i suggested stretching and that transpired into a few yoga stretches ( and a few fits of laughter, n I think that helped ) and wether by luck or judgement, they really seemed to be helping, which set me thinking that we could all benefit from being more flexible.

If i dont blog for a while....u wil no i have got myself into a knot...n cant get out!!!!   lmao