Saturday, 27 September 2014


I think they should come with a health warning !!!! 

Its the Weekend....yeahhhh

So after a bit ov a slow start ( watchin Emmerdale + Corrie omnibus in bed )....its 1pm and i've kinda caught up wiv myself.....put in a few loads of washin in, vaccuumed all through, bathrooms ad a quik wipe round! and dishwasher loaded...Yes!!!  
Time for a quik shower and off to the shops wiv hubby...mayb...
Nearly dun...time for a coffee i think....( shud ov got out wen i ad the chance !!!! )

     'R u in????'

   Its my 2nd eldest son, announcing that him n his wife with the 2 children ( 1 crazy hyper active 2 year old and a sweet excitable 6month old ) r on their way round.......
Now to say that i adore them is an understatement.....but if u r tryin 2 get out,.....mmmmmm
In comes the young fella like a hurricane...' u got gweets Ganma, i ad my ginna ' 
Closely followed by my son, carrying his 6 month old daughter...' u ent goin anywhere r ye Mam ????'
and his newly expectin wife ( 3 months pregnant ) makin up the rear fully laden wiv baby bags n toys n the remainder ov my gransons lunch..( just 2 b clear thats not a new WIFE !!! just a new baby on the way!!!  lmao)
first stop for both son n grandson is more often than not the goody draw....which is then followed by regular intervals every 10 mins for the whole duration ov their stay !!! with several visits to the refrshments cupboard to wash down the treats !!! ( no wonder they r on the roof 24/7 ) 
so within 5 mins of arriving, my once tidy minamalistic lounge, now looks like a bomb site!!! any thoughts of goin shoppin gon 4eva.....
my 6 month old grandaughter is shreiking uncontrollably at her brother who is sprintin from one side ov the lounge 2 the other and leapin over her!!!   I am havin a heart attack! 
'Gook at me Ganma, gook at me baby, gook Gandad' he shouts repeatedly
i try 2 calm him down, but its like tryin 2 stop a runaway truck with a push effect!!! wheres the chardonnay!!
this continues for the full 2hrs ( seems longr )that they are here...
crisps n hoola hoops scattered all ova the floor...the baby addin a generous amount of puke for good measure...wet wipes every where!!!!   my once immaculate jet black carpet now lookin very worse for wear!!!!
the baby, with her infectious smile n crystal blue eyes, is passed round like a parcel..shreikin at being the centre of attention....
Cups of tea for every one is the next request....recipe for disaster....n i ent talkin bout the son at nearly 6 feet tall and probably nearly as much broad is one of the most clumsiest individuals i have eva had the pleasure of knowin n lovin !!!
'gea n gisgits for me Ganma '
thankfully his mother sed he didnt need it cuz he'd just ad pop n crisp....
so apologisin they have 2 go so soon ( my son smirkin!! ) they start the process of gatherin their belongins 2getha...this cud take a while....then the goodbyes...bless...every one has 2 have kisses..big squeezes..( sometimes 2 or 3 times ) or my granson goes ballistic !!!
And they r gon.....leaving a trail of destruction n chaos in their wake...
oh yes and 2 very drained granparents!!!!!
do not interpet this as moaning or dislike.....this is Sayin it as it is....they are my family...crazy as they are and i luv them dearly and thank the Blessed Lord for each n every one of them every day..........Feelin Blessed

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