Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Products

Touch of Silver 

I love this product

I have tried loads of different products..much the same as the rest of us
Some are good ..some are bad ..and some are down right ugly ( waste of money )
so when i find something that i think does what it sais on the can i like to share it....
So here goes
For those of us who are blond ( either natural or bottle )  we sometimes like a little variation with our BLOND
So we go and spend hours in the hairdressers being bleached to within an inch of our lives and then continue to do this indefinitely for the foreseeable future!!!!!
And the result is not always what we are expecting...yes it can get better over a few weeks but lets face it ...we need results NOW
And this is where these little beauts come in
They are i suppose like an old fashioned toner and thats exactly what they do

' Formulated for blond, grey and white hair'

They tone down the brassiness
So yes even if you have all those beautiful natural hi-lites that we get at a certain age, this could be for you too
I have used it for quite a while now and obviously the more often you use it the more toning effect you will get...oh yes and the conditioner is amazing

It leaves the hair soft and if over bleaching has dried out your beautiful golden locks

.....Give it  A Touch Of Silver  

Sunday, 17 April 2016

bucket list

Yes I have got to 53 years and to be honest havnt really done anything particularly outrageous..... Related image

sure I've done special things

having 5 beautiful healthy children ...who have to date produced 7 beautiful healthy grandchildren
all who continue to give me amazing lifetime memories   

dragged myself up, from the pretty dismal, appalling places that were home to me for most of the years of my childhood ( with the help of my husband ) turning awful memories into distant memories

held a job down for nearly 12 months ( now thats pretty amazing for me !!! ) remembering how impossible it seemed in the beginning ....

been on several amazing in particular being extra special ( cuz it was just me, my daughter, and grandaughter ) making the most special memories....

did rock climbing in the middle of the ocean !!!! ( i was on a ship )  

so i am goin to make a bucket list...a list of things that i truly would like to do in the not to disant future.....some of which I'm sure i will do......some of which i will possibly do.....some which are doubtful and some which will be impossible !!!!

but neva say neva....
watch this space !!!!!!