Sunday, 28 September 2014

sweet memories

This should be tasty!!!!

Funny how a buying my grandaugher a li'l notebook to colour in could cunjure up so many old memories...
Her li'l notebook cover had pictures of old fashioned sweets...weird how something like this can almost catapult you back into your childhood....
A childhood, that, up until i was 10 years old,  was  not too bad as far as i can remember...yeah there was episodes in it that wernt very nice, which i am sure was true of a lot of famiies in the 60's ( but li'l did i know there was a lot worse too cum )
But back to this blast from the past.......

Who remembers these ????


The road we lived in was a long road of terraced house on the one side and posher houses on the other side with nice the time it seemed to take me a week to walk from our no 16 all the way down the steep hill and then all the way up to the top of the road where the corner shop was....i was a regular visitor, running errands for my Mam, fetching a bottle of milk or a loaf of bread, ( those days we used the tall thin bottles of steralised milk with a steel top on it, which was supposed to be removed by a bottle opener, which i could never bloody find, I think my older brother used to use it in the garden to dig up the dirt!!!!! so i would use my teeth, yes i'm sure quite a few can relate to ) what was more suprisin was that i used to get back with it all in one piece...( u darent go bak n tell her u'd dropt it and broke it..God was probably the last shilling she'd got!!!! and she was waitin for her cuppa...Bless her

And there was always a penny or 2 for sume sweets....
surprisingly quite a few sweets could be bought for 2d.....which was a good job cuz i'd usually got 1 or 2 of my younger siblings with me....    and more often than not the kidz from next door aswell!!!  lol

these were disgusting...i hated liquorice..not that i could afford to be fussy...but if i had a choice it wouldnt b these...and they used to make all round ye mouth black..YUK!!!   lol

but i did have many favourites.....

i dont know how i 've still got any
Thats it we all need a trip to the sweet shop now.....Happy dayz  

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