Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Another Glorious Day ( God willing )

The sun has got her hat on..hip hip hip hurray

Just a li'l sign that spring is on its way

So God willing it will be a b.e.a.utiful day.....

Monday, 30 March 2015

What a week last week was!!!

Last but definitley not least was the arrival of our hansome new Grandson 


Thank You Lord for the precious gift that are my grandchildren
and for the safe arrival off my granson and the good health of his mammy
I pray you shower them with happiness and good health always

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Busy day ahead...Staying Alive

Staying Alive..
So I have my First Aid training today...  

Which I think is an amazing thing to have ..you dont know when you might need it ( hopefully never )

Not sure if I'm prepared for all that deep breathing and compressions!!!   and getting mummified!!!  
Wish me luck



It could come in useful if I carry on doing my yoga classes !!!!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

#Pretty Woman...And the rest, as they say, is history ...

One of my favourite films and I can not believe its been 25 years since it hit our screens and nearly made us  'pee our pants'
some memorable scenes

Can you believe Richard Gere had to be persuaded to star in Pretty Woman and have a guess who persuaded him...Yes Pretty Woman.
She passed him a  postie across the table during a meeting about the film and it said ' Please say yes '
How could he refuse
How glad are we that you did




 'She sais she liked it better than The Pirates of Penzance'

'Your late'.... 'Your stunnin' .... 'Your Forgiven'.. 

And the rest as they say is history..........

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Relaxing Day

Chill Chill Chill has been the order of the day today

Well more or less
( once I'd done a few chores )

No Gym today or yoga...all work n no play ( u no what they say...makes it seem like a bloody long day !!!)  

so it was lunch with my old friend and a nice glass of Rioja ( for a change....well you know what they say....A change is as good as a Rioja or a Chardonnay !! )  

    well we looked similar to this !! 

And a good old girly gossip ( put the world to right we did!!! )

Monday, 23 March 2015

i can definitly say that was not what they expected!!!

I might not be goin to any more yoga classes!!!!
Dont misunderstand me
Its not because I dont want to you see
But i forgot to turn off my phone
and in the middle of the meditation zone..
that sound in a yoga class has neva been known  ( til today!!!)


Find your happy place...find your safe place...feel your breath in and out of your body...relax relax relax.....calm...........you get the drift....
Arghhhh   my phone roared into life!!
To say i was mortified is an understatemrnt as we were all catapulted back into NOW

I think its fair to say we all nearly jumped out of our skins and our breathing was not steady and calm...lol....and i think i was the most shocked? horrified? shattered/  ( all of them )
I dont think I was the most popular student in the class!!!!
Always expect the unexpected  and most of all be prepared!!!!

Embrace life

Life is truly what we make it, and to be honest theres always going to be days when we feel p****d off and down and that the world owes us something.....but just as long as these are just the odd day and all the rest we EMBRACE LIFE and remember life is a precious gift...we, hopefully,  wont be disappointed.

Have a great day 

not as good as what i'd hoped

a new me...
well that was the plan at the beginning of the year....but to be fair, its been a bit sluggish
       I'm still persevering ( or perspiring!! )  but its not easy !!!

last couple of weeks have seen me trying to reduce the amount that I eat
drink more water

and also trying out new classes....Zumba for the beginner....and Yoga  ( which is not easy )
and to say im knakered is an understatement !!!!
Its not just the tired feeling, its the ability to recover. or not!!!  it seems to be taking for eva.
Aching isnt the word!!
may be im expecting too much too soon....may b I need to take things a lil more slowly...
routine is another problem...I havnt got one
I need to be more stric on myself....get a regular training routine going 
so I think i got all the information
I just need to put it into action

Which is not easy when my 13 year old made a beautiful cheesecake at school....THANX son !!!!   ( yummy )

So if you, like me are trying to be fitter and better, keep up the good work....well done you