Saturday, 26 November 2016

a kind deed can be beautiful for the giver as well as the receiver

I'm guessing we all have bad days.... bad weeks....bad months and sometimes these bad times can last a whole lot longer....and i certainly know how it feels when someone does something kind, unexpected, out of the blue that makes you smile.....
Even if its just for a short while... to feel like you are not alone and that someone actually how amazing
And whats even more amazing is that for that person who is being kind the feeling is equally amazing..the feeling of being responsible for making another human being smile, or feel less wretched is awesome.... 

Image result for be kind to others quotes

So if we all take the opportunity to be kinder to others than is actually necessary .... even if all we can do is smile or offer a few kind words...or even just listen... then possibly we can all feel a little more awesome

Be awesome today

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Am I ever going to get this paperwork done today

If I've tried once I've tried a dozen times to get this paperwork done....

So 4hrs later and it's finally done....Oh my days

The phones never stopped ringing....and people been in and out its like piccadilly circus....

Lunch time ...thank the Lord

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Chasing my tail today

And as we all know I am just gonna get further and further behind.....

And everything is gonna take longer.... 

So why I think I have got time to sit and eat my breakfast in peace.... God only knows

So now I'm going to be late for work !!!!

Wish me luck today cuz I'm gonna need it

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

And today is another day

The sun has got her hat on...Image result for sun has got her hat on

Well not exactly

But there has definitly been some chinks of blue sky in that thunderous sky of yesterweek!!!!

yep its all about those lovly patients of mine....gotta love the old folk....they have so much to many stories to tell

Image result for wink emoji smallAnd there's more...  but thats for another day   

And it shows you continually...that there is always someone worse off than yeself ...

Amazing thing is they usually just get on with it...

A lesson in there for me I think.....(but we all know it aint that easy when that red mist settles )  
  God bless em

Monday, 21 November 2016

Life is full of ups and downs....

And that just my moods.....Image result for red sad smiley face

Most days I am full of the joys of spring... I try to be positive and I give out loads of similar advice !!!

Let things go over your head
Dont sorround yeself with negative people/situations
Look for the positive in every situation
You will find the good if you look for it
look at your blessings...not just at every one elses.......

Image result for black sad smiley face
But as a woman every now and then it a black cloud...yes i'm sure your all familiar with it.....the red mist...
Image result for black sad smiley faceImage result for confused angry smiley face
well its one of those days or should I say one of those weeks, all of the above in reverse...negative thoughts..nothing going over my head....taking everything personally...AND THEN SOME !!!
God help me cus at this rate I'm gonna have no frends...and no family!!!!
And you would think at 50 something I would be well rid of the dreaded demon

And the strangest thing is know and I know that nothing is any different to what it was last week !!!!
All prayers greatfully accepted


Sunday, 20 November 2016

sundays can be strange

Related image

if you are anything like me, you probably wait all week for Sunday to come around...not that I particularly like Sundays....its a strange kind of a day...time drags for most of it..then you blink and its gone...a meal takes all day to do on a Sunday ???  

so its the day I plan to get all those long awaited chores done... Image result for planning emoji

beds changed... cupboards tidied.... cooked breakfast... ready myself for Monday

pfttttt    and just like all bad rarely happens   especially during the winter months
( to be fair, nothing gets done in the spring /summer months because I just love being outdoors ) Image result for sunny emoji

sure I get some things done...but I invariably feel down because I'm stuck mood gets grey like the weather and I get annoyed with myself because I didn't plan something more exciting to do...
and yes Monday is looming and the week starts all over again!!!!!Image result for sunny emoji

so nothing else to do but plan what i will do next Sunday...and I will definitely plan something more interesting?????   
 ha ha.... I tell myself ......    Related image

Saturday, 19 November 2016

body balance.....stretchy stuff

Body balance challenge ......

Yep I know what the picture sais...  ' leaves you feeling calm and centered '  Image result for centered and calm cartoon

Image result for les mills body balance

I have been doing body balance for about 12 months....twice a week....I wish I was doing it more !!!

I absolutley love it.... but it is so so tough!!!

when I say to people that i do a body balance class... the reply can often be

'oh that stretchy class?'

well yes, it is a stretchy class, but also so much more
to be honest, when I first decided to have a go I did think it was probably going to be one of the easierImage result for assumed smiley
well you know what they say about assumption !!!!
Oh my.... 
of course it can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be..... you work to where you feel comfortable
but that was never going to be my goal .....everything in life is a challenge for me, including this!!!
I push myself to the limit and I love it..I come out of the class feeling like I not only have really challenged myself but also feeling accomplished..that I did my best.. better than when I went in, and lets face it we cant ask for much more
result being, I feel stronger, fitter, more flexible, improved balance, and yes calmer and less stressed (especially when I do a class when I am under a lot of stress...without a doubt )
I am currently following Image result for les mills body balance
did i mention that we have two fantastic motivating, passionate teachers...  thank you x
I will update this blog and let you know how it goes..... wish me luck   Image result for kiss emoticon

so pinch me

cus every now and just hits you

Image result for count your blessings

each breath we take is a blessing others dont have..... be thankful 

 Enjoy Life 

Sunday, 6 November 2016

multi tasking

Is it even possible...

 Image result for multitasking

Well lets face it we do it every day ....

But even i struggled with trying to dry my hair and brush my teeth at the same time.....

Image result for rubbing your head and patting your stomach  yep theres just some things that i just cant do at the same time!!!!!     

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

When a golden heart stops beating

I love 99% of the people that I meet in my job  ( well there's always that 1% !!!  )
Seriously there great.  And usually while there waiting for the appointment they tell me a little about themselves
So over the last 18 months that I have been in my job I have heard quite a few stories...and some of the px come back every 6-8 I get to know their life story .......
Take today....I'll call her my Frend...(cus truthfully I talk to em more than I talk to my frends )  lost her husband a while back...married for 50 years....(That's a life time for some)  she said
'I spose for sum they might be glad to b rid of em !!!!  But not me...he was my soul Frend...been togetha since we was teenagers'
She told me how he told her he wouldn't leave her and how she feels he hasn't...she tells him all about her day and what she's done...
'Bet ye think I'm mad don't ye ? ' she asks me
No I don't think you're mad....  I think u miss your soul mate very much indeed
( excuse the blog type....done on mobile x )