Tuesday, 21 April 2015

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday I was racing round like a headless chicken....↩↪❓❔↔
rudely awakened by my alarm clock...sandwiches to prepare...household chores to be done...food to be prepared for teatime...and then some !!!
But today I'm sitting on a trusty Thomson...views over France and Vienna...heading toward Cyprus for a cheeky 7 days....oh yes ....and a nice glass of somthing nice.....

Beautiful Sunny Cyprus

This is one of the many beautiful sights we have seen over a few short days in beautiful Cyprus. 

 The sea caves situated just along the coast from Ayia Napa heading towards Sterna.

The crystal clear waters caress the entrance to these amazing sights   nature at its beautiful best.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Little notes to oneself !!!

I couldnt resist editing it !!!!  ( note to oneself blogger on mobile not a good idea !!! )

Yes I Have to admit I am little note nutter!!!! 
Let me tell u more...
As i 've got older....yes yes I sed it.... ( and not gracefully  
I feel the need 2 write notes and lists everywhere for everything! !!
Annd there's more....
God forbid I even leave a txt 2 myself to tell me 2 look at my notes !!!!!

So i am just browsing my Phone motes !!! And i find my 'things 2 get for my holiday '   

And yes u guessed it....theres things I forgot to get.....
But on the bright side...it wasn't my passport
Happy holidays  

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Very Hectic couple of dayz....keeps your mind active

So this is the mad few days before your hols
Buying all those essentials. 💳😞
👡👚👜👚👗👒💄👠.only to find when you get home that in your excitement you bought them yesterday aswel....so much for being a savvy shopper 😈
Do i really need a different sun oil ( is it gonna make me more bronzed 😉....can i afford it?   Or afford not too !! 😲  😅)
Is this the hotel that has the lovly bathroom essentials etc   🚿🍸???
Or was that the other one   !!!
Phew  i wil definitely need a holiday after all this shopping !!!
How much luggage am I allowed ????

Please excuse my mobile blog....I m blogging on the go.....x

Saturday, 11 April 2015

#wow...another b.e.a.utiful day

Summer is on its way....

watch this spot
Have a great weekend

Friday, 10 April 2015

#savvyshopper Biotrue offer

Bargain here for contact lens wearers

This is a product that i use but it is rather xpensive!!!
I have in the past paid as much as £18 before i became a savvy shopper.....
I ususally pay approx £11 

as I was wandering around Superdrug I noticed a very good offer....
2 bottles for £14 !!!
( but as I've said before..sometimes its too good to be true....)
And it was...
But if you can find it...it is a really good offer.....
happy hunting savvy shoppers

Thursday, 9 April 2015

#savvyshopper Elegant Touch Cuticle nippers

We all love a bargain and when its saving over £4 on an item that only costs that much!!


So  I am having a real problem with my nails and cuticles!!!
Yep old age or extra vitamins ...or both !!
 sorry if u r havin your breakfast

' Errrr  spose it cud av somethin to do with leaving my gel off and giving my natural nails a well earned rest from constantly being coated in gel and LED light...but now they are rebelling...lol '

Either way I thought I need to invest in some cuticle nippers....
Yes i know some people frown on nippin ye cuticles!!!
Oh well

So back to the savvy shopper...I really was surprised to discover that Cuticle nippers are very expensive some as much as £30 !!!!

They havin a laugh
so true to form I was on a mission...
to cut a long story short...dont want to bore you with each step round the mall!!!
Boots Elegant Touch Cuticle Nippers £9.50
Superdrug Elegant touch Cuticle Nippers £4.09
No contest...and I even had enough change for a nice Costa

Have a great day .....

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Eves dropping on the neighbours conversation

Accidently of course!!  ( what ? You think I'm nosey...pftttt )

One things that happens when we have the 1st beautiful day of the year, is that it gets the neighbours ( and their visitors ) out in the garden!!!!

And unfortunatley sound travels<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

Visitor ' You got a good couple of hours of sunshine left , you should get them out, let them get a bit ov sun '....
Other visitor.... 'Yes cus it helps to colour them up!!'

Neighbour. 'Mine r huge now...i always get em out if theres a bit ov sun.'
visitor ' yes you are right....they are bigger than thingies !!!

Still ent got a clue what they were talking about!!!!!   did make me chuckle tho.......quietly !!!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Beautiful Easter Monday

Hope your day is beautiful too....
A couple of pics of my beautiful daffs ...simple but each one unique...natures beauty....


I always think the 2nd day of the holiday is so much better....every body seems more relaxed, every one has had there fill of chocolate ( except fot the children !!!)
holiday mode is well and truly in gear.....
Only thing is back to normal tomorrow!!!!
So what ever you are doing today...

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter Day

Easter Sunday marks Jesus' resurrection.
After Jesus was crucified on the Friday (now known as Good Friday), his body was taken down from the cross, and buried in a cave tomb. The tomb was guarded by Roman Soldiers and an enormous stone was put over the entrance, so that no-one could steal the body.
On the Sunday, Mary Magdalene, followed later by some of Jesus' disciples visited the tomb and found that the stone had been moved, and that Jesus' body had gone.
Jesus himself was seen that day by Mary and the disciples, and for forty days afterwards by many people. His followers realised that God had raised Jesus from the dead. Christians call this the Resurrection.

A very special time for Christian and non-Christians throughtout the world
Easter conjures up many beautiful sights...not least the Easter Egg...mmmmm
and dont forget the hot cross buns...
Simnel cake
So what ever you are doing this Easter Week...I hope your Easter basket is filled with joy happiness and peace....spread the Easter message ...be kind and considerate to every one you meet this Easter time....

Friday, 3 April 2015

Were You There When They Crucified My Lord

A busy day needless to say

(not really doing anything )

So first job visit to the shops...grab a few essentials for Easter!!

Oh my dayz...the shops are rammed....the carparks rammed....and the cafes are rammed

looks like I'm in for a Easter Treat!!!!

not even a Costa....time to head off i think     .............just a sniff of what would of been delicious

call in on the kids on the way back.

then off to 3pm Mass.....inspiring....beautiful....thought provoking
the perfect part of Good Friday  ...the true meaning of Good Friday


So many mixed emotions in one day.....wow