Saturday, 13 September 2014

woooo I'M Going to Ibiza !!!

So we have just docked in Ibiza.  Sun is shining and yes I am on the top deck enjoying the first sights and a nice coffee while the boys r busy sleeping their holiday away again.......never been here b4 but heard loads about it !!!  just telephone the cabin 2 tell my hubby we have docked..and he informs me the boys r up to!!!

Shock oh shock...the boys r all up and we r havin breakfast 2getha....1st time since we sailed. And they r joinin me n hubby wen we go ashore... 
Lol that was the plan...half an hr after leavin the boat they wanted 2 go bak...and we'd only just walked 2 the beach!!!!!  Tooooo hot .thirsty...bickering. ..was I really missing havin them accompany us
.they went bak so we decided to go to the shops.. got the water taxi into Ibiza b honest (tbh) it was sweltering. ..lovly but sweltering. ..the 15 min boat ride was just what the doctor ordered. .the cool breeze off the sea was just lovly
We were dropped at the Marina...WOW... the boats harboured were truly outstanding. the other half live.. ( bulldog was apparently due in 2nite...who eva he is)  my husband assures me I've seen him on TV ?? He pointed him out to me...and i wont be forgetting him anytime soon!!!!  He tells me its #PITBULL  not BULLDOG   lmao  Also #David guetta...i shrug...i dont no him either  lol                  
We walked roumd the shops and tbh i was pleasantly surprised....this isnt what i was expectin
So we r bak in the comfort of the ship...n Mr B has decided 2 av a go on the Florider!!! Evry credit...and theres more!!! Will keep u posted.....

In the Windjammer (dinin room on Deck 11 ) we learn that a family of fellow cruisers have been attacked in Ibiza and had their passports n possessions taken.not badly hurt but must b very traumatic for them....very sad and far too frequent on this cruise...also a older lady in awheelchair was pickpocketed in one of the other ports...

So back 2 happier thoughts ...its the pool party on top deck...yep lots of drunkenness and foolery one guest thought he cud slide down the steps via the 2 bannisters...legs astride...yep u got the picture..not a pretty sight.and there's more.yep he falls flat on his back about a second after he started.   
.bump crash wallop to the bottom..on his bak...owch...he wont feel it til in the mornin tho!!!!!
Good night had by most...great music n company partyin under the stars on the Med..
(.this all inclusive definitley has something to answer for....never seen this amount of drunkeness onboard before...not all for the best either...young chidren left to their own devices, no adult supervision, )

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