Saturday, 13 September 2014

Day 7 and its time for Beautiful Barcelona

Ooohhhh La La..bottoms up !!!!
So this is beautiful barcelona
and the ship docks in a very convenient place....( no i dont mean next to the land!!) but it does dock within walking distance of a beach, which is quite unusual unless you are sailing in the carribean.  So within 10 minutes of leaving the ship we are sat on the beach.....1 snag the boys have decided to join us for a for the 9 minutes and 30 seconds the boys are complaining abut the heat and need a drink, the sands too hot..they want to go back to the ship.....And there's more...the reason the locals look so cool is because THEY ARE STARK NAKED!!! little men included...with their bits hanging out (or should i say men with thier li'l bits hanging out!!!   lmao )  u decide...strutting up and down...not a care in the white lines for them.   People practising their yoga n pilates,,,God forbid i suppose i should be glad its not the ' Au Naterelle  Gang doing the Yoga '
So thankfully the boys are keen to get back to the comfort of the ship....i dont think Mr B is in too much of a hurry for some unknown reason....
A water taxi into the town is the next on the list....the sea breeeze giving a welcome relief from the scorching sun, not that i'm complaining
The harbour was       amazing and filled with some of the biggest yachts i have ever seen....we over heard a guy telling someone that the cost to build such a boat would be in the region of a 100 million euros...
WOW....  How the other half live
The streets and the people werejust as amazing......beautiful women with their beautiful children sauntering along the fascinating streets.....and couples engrossed only in each other

                 we enjoyed some refreshments at one of the many pretty cafes                                      

The Cathedral rose up between the streets and seemed to watch over everything and every body.  A spectacular sight......
we needed at least a week in this beautiful city to take in the beauty of everything but unfortunatley had to be back on the Indy for 4.30.....i have every intention of returning...God spares me  ,,,

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