Friday, 19 September 2014

Family Get togetherrrrrr !!!

So I'm here!!!  

   Dont ask how, cuz i dont know myself, but i am sorrounded by family members, some old n some that old that i dont recall ever seeing before!!!! ( some very unsavoury sorts...between me n u )

Strangest thing is that i feel quite uneasy...( u remember the disfunctional family i mentioned ???? ) u know that us against them feelin ?  Only thing is, there is no US, it appears to be just ME !!!

I get the feeling that they all know that i dont really like em and never have AND they seem to know something that i dont...
So why , In Gods name , do they all look so pleased with themselves ??
OMG i have just remembered ...its come back to me...
This load of dysfunctional misfits have robbed my car!!!!!!
Not just any car but my beautiful RED MERCEDES..( and theres nothing i can do about it )       

Thats what they think...if they think they are getting away with that they are mistaken....theres something eerie and not quite right....I recognise these fools but some how they are not Quite how i remember them....I am very irate now....threatening even ' If i dont get my car back, sum heads r gonna roll '
its seriously hot in here...i need to get outtttt!!!!! they dont seem concerned i'm beginning to SHOUT !!  i can feel the panic inside!!!!  I'm beginning to shake !!!!

Thank the Lord.....I'm WIDE AWAKE!!!!! 

Wow  wot a night 
Just a dream....yep my beautiful M>E>R>C>E>D>E>S is safe n sound on the ground.....
I think i need to steer clear of the Balti's n chardonnay ( lethal combination )!!!!!

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