Thursday, 14 August 2014

And there's more.....delights that is

Back to having fun fun fun.....

after doin a couple of dayz at the new job its time for a day off....plenty of cleanin up and washin n ironin to get dun first.
dun n dusted!!!

First stop... go and visit me gels...avnt seen em for dayz   gettin withdrawal symptoms....
quik coffe, sum cuddles, and gibberish 

Then its off for a coffee and catch up wiv one ov my good frends Ranj.....but bless her...its neva just a coffee  x

so we caught up wiv all the latest bits ov gossip ova a lovly aray ov indian delights includin samosos and the delicious gulab jamun.....mmmmm     thank ualready lookin 4ward to our next get 2getha  x

Theres some nice people out there and just occasionally u get to meet em.......

A kind deed deserves Another

pulls on the carpark and as usual i got no change in my purse.....S**t

Now u no as wel as i do that if i run across the newsagents for sum change.....theres gonna b a queue....and wen i get to the til the nice man bhind the counter is gonna tel me he cant open the til unless i purchase sumthing!!!!!  

So theres a few market stalls on the carpark today...Great....i get sum change off one of them....
Can u change this £10 note please ....err no not for another 1....(.got a comedian here).....
'Nahhhhh u'm alright bab, heres 40p for the meter'  he sed witth a big smile.
A bit sheepishly i sed
'i need more than that....i'm avin me hair dun....'
'oh ye do do ya, ow much dun ya need?'
'i need £1.20....'
'Jesus Christ, wot yow avin dun....' he replied
he gave me the £1.20, bless him and sed i cud give it him bak on the way bak....( if he was stil there!!!!)
Repayed the friendly cheeky chappy his money and a nice cadburys chocolate bar for his trouble.
Cuz one kind deed deserves another.........



Friday is Costa day...yeahhhh..( oh ye, evryday is Costa day ....) Yeahhhhhh

So i'm nearly ready for shoppin....bit of lunch and mayb even a Costa wiv me favourite gels ( yep u guessed My daughter and grandaughter......
Just me make-up to sort...Takes longer these days and dont get as good a result....its called Old age!!!!!!
so i need to appl a li'l foundation and without thinkin ( ent really got a lot of time to do that at my age ) i hold my hair back off my face with my hand......u know the one, the one with the foundation in....yep without the top on.....u get the picture....concentratin now, fil all those wrinkles, is now runnin down my neck and my arm!!!! clean up operation in process...not to much damage.....finish...bit ov lippy....nearly dun  ( I thought )   just clip me hair up..arghhhhh  WTF   yes hair is ful ov foundatin!!!!!  i didnt think id tipped it in my hair aswel!!!!!!  
Oh my dayzzzzzzz
Glad to say the rest of the day was pretty uneventful............

Work 2day......

So second day dun and and i really hope that they dont expect me to remember any of that!!!!!
To say my head is about to explode is an understatement...i now know wot they mean wen they say  ' U cant learn an old dog new tricks....'   Ent that the truth....probation is 3 my case cud b 3 Years!!!!!!

Monday, 11 August 2014

So i'm gonna b in the public eye!!!!!

Welcome to my first day.....

flappin about this shirt hair obviously does not go accordin to plan...the lipstick may b a touch too bright......probably gonna give the poor patients a fright!!!!!

A problem with parkin.....(even tho i'd dun a few dry runs...or drives!!!  lol on the laptop...) so looks like i might be doin a spot ov walkin (Good job i got an early start )
10am til 7pm was a bit ov a shocker to say the least....there was of course 50 mins for lunch!!!!! ( kind of beginning to grasp why i got the job ?????? )  
Staff seem very friendly....i think they feel sorry for me..... 'poor old fool!!!!'
Unbelievable amount of information to take on board.....will i ever remember anythin.......only time will this space

And now i got to find the way back to the carpark....this shud b fun cus i got no sense of direction!!!!!
shud of bought the Saft Nav into work wiv me!!!!!!   Oh my dayzzzzzzzz
Stroke of of my colleagues suggests i walk back with her cuz she thnks i cud b parked on the same carpark as her......mmmmm  cud this b a trap!!!!! lol  hey   wot av i got to loose....' Your life ...u old fool....')


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Traumatic Tuesday!!!!

No work 2day.....

So my next official work day is wot 2 do 2day????

I am unfortunate enough 2 have a severe phobia.....
Of the Dentist!!!!  and due to the fact that i have had an on goin problem with several back teeth (6 months !!) have had to admit thaat they wil have to cum out,,,,to say that i was terrified was an dentist bless her accepts the fact that i am not a suitable candidate for an extraction in her surgery and refers me too the hospital...( yes i no...babies/children/old me!!!  have extractions at the i will apologise unreservedly for bein a blubbering fool )
So i've been for the relevant preops etc....pep talks where thy informed me that i will b sedated but not asleep!!!!!  NOT ASLEEP!!!!!   WTF  They r under no illusions that i do not believe them when they say i wil be calm and that i will probably not even no wots goin on.......WOT EVA!!!!
after calming me down ( to be honest they were all lovly )  i have agreed to cum in 2day and have it dun,,,,,
Terrified is an understatement and i can not believe that i av convinced myself to have it dun.....nutter cums 2 mind.blood pressure sky hi....heart beat doin a marathon!!!!!..i am actually convinced i cud DIE!!!!!!!
so amazingly i am not dead....feelin very strange to say the least, minus 3 teeth.....havin no memory of wot has happened for the last hour is weird to say the least ( not that i want 2 remember havin my teeth out!!! )   but very i am allowed to go with a few DO's and Dont's ( yes u guessed Chardonnay )
I did stop off for a nice latte on the way home ( so my husband informs me )  but an hour later and i cant remember that either.....driftin in and out of sleep all afternoon.....loosin a day is very strange......this sedation is sum good S**T.......


Wot a week !!!!

Amazin Monday...I think....time will tellso i decided it was about time i tried something different!!!  In a career context!!  which is no mean feat at my age!!!! ( over half a century, well just about )

I spotted something on line thought that sounds interesting...i could do that....cant be to difficult.
So sent in the old CV...minus my age, obviously, and was amazed to get a phone call off some 1 who sounded lovly but sounded about as old as my youngest (13 !!! ),
'If u r still interested in the job u applied for we would like u 2 attend a group interview'
OMG i had an interview to attend...scary stuff...wot to to wear my hair..make-up...lippy....??????  oh yes and i will def need to research the company a li'l!!!   that always helps, so i've been told
Not surprisingly it was full of people who were not much older than my grandchildren....ok slight exaggeration......but they were def just out of school!!!Ice breakers done...couple of mental exercises ( wel i definitly gonna be ok with that!! if u get my drift ) and we cud go, with the assurance that they wud b in touch very soon...evry 1 politely offering each other u do.....fantastic it was.time for kwik exit and a chardonnay or 2......
My phone was ringing and I recognised the number...yes it was The Company.....Amazingly they were offering Me a second interview....WTF.....evry ! else must av decided not to bother!!!
So prep for 2nd interview....clothes makeup...etc  ( li'l glass of chardonnay !!).......sweaty palms to say the least......i wiped it kwikly on my lovly beige pencil skirt....before i finally shook the hands of the interviewers and sighed a big sigh of relief on the way down the stairs......( any one know how long u r supposed to hold on to their hand??????? seemed too long.  LMAO  ).... They'll be intouch.......they assured me...
And theres more!!!
Checked the phone several times...ok a thousand times!!!  time for bed exhausted zzzzzzzzzzzz
Sure enough next day phone ringing, recognised the number
If u r still interested we wud like 2 offer u the job
pik me self up off the floor steady meself and heard myself sayin 
'thank you very much...look forward to seeinggggg you'  in my very best voice....
Yep time for a Chardonnay
Wish me luck....(and wiv me  )

So i have done my 1st day which turned out to b a training day....head ready to explode with all the information that got throwed at us...( yes there was a couple of the others from the interviews that had also made it.....)  and it was the end of my 1st day........
time for a well earned glass ov Chardonnay!!!!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Somethin caught my Eye Yesterday!!!!

Head off toward my nearest shoppin centre.....i'm a people watcher ( i was in for a treat )..and i do luv a li'l bit ov window shoppin......although i have got a holiday looming, so i may b temped to buy a few li'l bargains....if sumthin catches my eye.....!!!!!!!!!!
so i'm stood bhind this li'l old dear in the clothes shop.... ( no it wasnt my reflection!!! ) well i couldnt bleve my eyes.... she started to do these dance steps!!!  and she was really goin for was about now that she kinda remembered she was in the shop....and she whipped round and realised i was bhind probem for her she just moved a li'l bit further ova and carried on..... thought i was watchin summat out ov dirty dancin or full monty...pmsl....just brightens ye day..... — feeling amused.

And theres more.......

So on the way bak home pop into morrisons ....for sumthin for t.   (as u do ).  Not too busy, in and out......   On way out there is a car blockin the carpark....mmmm. someone has decided to load their shoppin into the boot and block the bloody exit!!!!  'errr get a grip there is a million and 1 places to load your car....y bblock the roaddddd'   On closer inspection, About a foot away from her rear!!!..I.notice its an old dear slowly placin her goodies into the boot...yep another one ( i think theym followin me!! ) haha and bleve me shes about 90 (evry credit ) i wait patiently ( errr..yes i did )..oh my dayz...then...a bag busts..yep cans rollin evry where..under the car etc....yep u guessed...i ad 2 get out and retrieve the cans from under the car !!!!! so handing them to her i said ' Wd u like me to give u a hand'  No   came the short reply.....i can manage !!!     Gotta luv em ent ya !!!! lmao. the reason i go out evry day — feeling useful.   or Not..........
Where's the Chardonnay...........