Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Touche Eclat Awakening Foundation

So I am trying a new foundation

So I noticed they were giving away samples of the new YSL foundation at my local Debenham store...
so the question is ....to try or not to try ????
  r u kidding   course try it...it dosnt cost anything !!!  lol
so i did....got to be honest it was like trying to get blood out of a stone....the snotty faced assistant (and i use the term loosely.....cus believe me she didnt want to assist me )  lmao

  errr not quite   close....almost....

~~I nearly had to remind her that it wasnt actually her that was giving it to me !!!!Image result for emoji faces laughing
But despit her best attempts to put me off I had my free sample....
tried it for several days...I dont wear loads of makeup but i do like it to look good.
My skin is very oily and i am over 50!!!  so quite a challenge
Well I'm pleased to tell you that I am very pleased up to yet.
Nice light weight product....easy to apply...very natural looking and surprisingly good cover
even more surprising lasted well on my oily skin, considering its not specifically for my skin type!!!
And yes ...i went back and purchased the full size product....30ml for £32
and happily i didnt have to deal with assistant of the year....