Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What a long day again!!!

17 hrs

Well i could say i was knackered, but tbf...i think i've gone past tired

Luckily i've never needed much sleep, which is a blessing with 5 children that didnt need much either!!!   but just lately i have been feeling like i could do with a nap in the afternoon...especially after starting this job!!!!
  could av something to do wiv being the wrong side of 50 as well...we all think we can just carry on like when we was 16 but its inevitable...somethings got to give...

6.15. the alarm went off....down 3 flights of stairs to put the kettle on...back up one to wake my lad for work...continue back up to the top for a 2mins shower...( ok 5 mins ) back down ...stop off to shout the lad again who's still a cuppa...quickly throw a ham sandwich 2getha for lunch,  scold me throat with the hot tea and back up the stairs...And there's more....

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Make up ..deodarant...oh ye up...nearly there....back down 3 flights...not forgetting to shout son on way....check for change for parking meter...
I'm off now ...its 6.55 and DONT GET GOING BACK TO SLEEP!!!!!    
Shout to husband to get young fella up for school and pull the door to behind me..
AS per....loads of traffic even at this time....35 min journey that is gonna take nearly an hr!!!!
why do people crawl along at 25 miles an hr...surely they have somewhere to b if they r up at his unGodly Hour...'Stay in bed n stop f*****g holdin evry 1 up!!!'
Sights to behold....shes eating a banana...shes putting her mascara on ( watch out tor the potholes missis)_....God forbid hes avin a shave...( dont know how hes managing not to tip his water all over the, careful not to cut ye throat....and of course every one is txtin or makin calls..       .( still an offence...not that u'd know it....).
so i get a break...dual carriage way ahead...must get a move on....cant b is this 60 or 70 MPH ?????  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

arrive on car park...feed the meter and do a spot of power walkin to work...
time for a quick coffee...8.00am and we're to do, 2moros clinic to be printed...calls to rest for the wicked, lenses to be posted shows to be chased...great its lunchtime..
50 mins later back behind the counter...smilin..happy to help!!!!
 A smile back wouldnt go amiss...Jesus Christ!!!!  catch up on a few more queeries!!! and i use the term loosely.....time for a bit of training..(cuz i'm still on probation ) and its nearly 5....Home time..   .( only get one break and thats mornin or afternoon breaks!!!   ) so 2 say i cud murder a coffee is an understatement  rush bak 2 the car and im soon back on the way home...<<<<<<<<<<<<<.lots of 5 o'clock traffic, but hey i'm on the waay home....whos bothered
flickin through the stations for my favourite songs...'Steamy windows'...put the wipers on  lmao, I'll drive all night '  for a Costa

back home n the race is to sort,,,clothes to put in the washer, bit of tidyin round...quick chat wiv me boys...And there's more.....time for a splash in the shower...prepare sandwiches for 2moro....Nice cuppa....

And time 2 slip into somethin bed   Happy Dayzzzzz    Good night n Godbless

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