Sunday, 14 September 2014

So the end is in sight. ...

So this will b our final day...2moro we will dock at Soutthampton at 5 am and disembark!!!
So this wil prob b my last relaxing coffee on board ( God beginning 2 sound like im on the Titanic! !  )

 Talkin of of the cabin crew thought he  had a good way 2 get my boys outta the cabin yesterday morning!!  He rushed in the cabin shoutin 'Fire! Fire! Abandon ship'  yep it worked better than he cud ov imagined. young fella nearly had a heart attack...dived off tbe top bunk half asleep. into the corridor hysterical.. ( obviously we wernt there we were havin breakfast. ..)bit extreme  but I can see the funny side of it....but my son still can not!!!!
Weather stil good considering we r only about 100 miles from the British Isles..bit windy...but it hasnt stopped my youngest from spending his last day on the Florider with his new frends..
Cruise nearly dun...early dock 2moro...bak in sunny old uk. No more breakfast on demand..cabin cleaned and beds made for me    
What a great holiday.....

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