Saturday, 30 December 2017

and there's more...: Yoga props

and there's more...: Yoga props: Good morning...i hope you are well and enjoying your xmas time.... Thank you for sharing my journey ....this is just a little bit of ...

Yoga props

Good morning...i hope you are well and enjoying your xmas time....
Thank you for sharing my journey ....this is just a little bit of information about props and my feelings on them...( i hope you find it informative )


Should I use props in yoga?
What are props?

Props are items that can help with alignment and getting into a posture safely ( where otherwise you may not be able to…  either through mobility/illness/injury/issues etc)
Related imageThey can come in the form of blocks bricks straps blankets bolster
( even a chair could be seen as a prop..a folding one would be a good choice if you are on the move! )

Props don’t always have to be purchased from shops/gyms etc…. a phone directory or book can quite easily double up as a block at home and most belts, especially the canvas ones, are perfect as straps…..

The short answer is YES
of course it is OK to use props.

It is fair to say that a lot of people see props as a sign of a beginner ( not everyone likes to let on that they have not done yoga for very long ) or that they are not very good at it…. or even as a failure.
( I must admit I was one such person, the idea that the instructor would offer me props ( when I 1st started doing yoga ) would have been mortifying…)
people wrongly think that if you use props that you are not a 'proper yogi'

But when you  realise that BKS Iyengar encouraged the use of props ( especially after he had a motorbike accident for his own personal recovery journey)  He even eventually became known primarily for his emphasis on using props….. it gives you a whole new take on the use of props.
Its probably fair to say that a lot of yoga classes do not introduce props or instruct how to use them and it is left to the individual to use them if they choose to.
Over time ( thankfully ) I have come to realise that it is Ok and even good to use props if you want to or feel it will enhance your practice…. because it is your practice…your journey…

Props can and do help the individual to get into postures safely and with proper alignment ( where otherwise said postures may not be accesible )  It allows you to experience the pose and its benefits.
Image result for namasteSo even if your hamstrings are short/tight or shoulders/hips are tight, for example, you can still experience the poses. 
Props help to make yoga accessible to beginners/those with injuries/those with physical limitations and other issues.

And that is always a good thing..

( more about props, and HOW to use them to follow )

Friday, 29 December 2017

and there's more...: vinyasa class

and there's more...: vinyasa class: Hi ..just to show i'm still hard at it.. and just in case you want to come along for the journey...  Hope your xmas is happy healthy a...

vinyasa class

Hi ..just to show i'm still hard at it.. and just in case you want to come along for the journey...  Hope your xmas is happy healthy and enjoyable....

Vinyasa class

My vinyasa class started on the mat this morning with a few spinal twists.
We started on our back.  knees above hips and then lower  to one side, feeling a nice stretch in side and spine.  Then repeat on other side.
2nd round bodies warming up, as we lower knees to one side we turn head to opposite side to intensify stretch, and there is also an option to hold knees with hand to again intensify stretch…holding for several breaths here, breathing deeply into stretch.
Then coming into our 1st down ward dog knees bent 1st round peddling the heels, taking time here to gently warm up hamstrings/calves.
love the stretch that this gives to the shoulders and back.
And from there into a forward fold.. afew breaths here…into rag doll, again stretching hamstrings and back into downward dog for several breaths.
come to standing and first full body stretch and small back bend… back to forward fold..table top…forward fold x 4
then into plank and chataranga and back to downward dog.
holding this for several breaths, breathing into stretch.
Next into lunge ..onto twisted lunge both sides, walking back to front of mat.
next downward dog again for several breaths
into standing and onto balance pose. balance on one leg taking hold either under knee or toe if possible and take out to side of body ( not my favorite pose, my hips don’t want to open anyway and sepecially not out to side of body…I always seem to get an ache in my glute in this pose which quickly turns into a cramp…owch )
Then onto other side, followed by leg raised and taken across front of body and toe held with opposite hand.
Leg taken behind and then back into downward dog and flowing into some one legged balance using opposite hand for support…holding for several breaths here. Back to downward dog and then onto other leg.
Followed by yet another downward dog ( this time a wide legged version )
Next was trikonasana ( triangle pose ) good for obliques/spine/legs
And yes back into downward dog
forward fold to stretch out the spine and into rag doll.
Time for a little respite!
back to supine twists to  stretch out those tired muscles.
Up to seated cross legged… forward fold ( if that is even possible ! ) and not forgetting on the other leg!
then onto cobblers pose… ( and breathe )
Related imageBalasana….and savasana  Phewwwwww

This was quite a challenging class…there was not many options to rest ( unless you class downward dog as a rest! )
But I feel energised yet calm and very very warm…..
( I didn’t count them but there must have been at least 40 downward facing dog!!!! )


Thursday, 28 December 2017

and there's more...: Yoga Session

and there's more...: Yoga Session: Good morning ...I know its been ages since my last blog..and yes I've missed you all... The reason????  My yoga course. Its...

Yoga Session

Good morning ...I know its been ages since my last blog..and yes I've missed you all...

The reason???? 

My yoga course. Its taking up all my spare time...

and of course Xmas...( hope yours has been amazing )

Yoga Time

Havnt done yoga for a couple of days so looking forward to this.
little bit stiff this morning, probably slept awkward so bit tense in the shoulders, so 
hopefully this yoga session will help.
started on knees and deep inhale arms above head and then exhale in to childs pose ..
staying here for a couple of breaths, getting into the present moment… slowly 
connecting to the present moment, taking time to relax into the mat. ( my type of class)

rounding up into cat/cow for 2 and back to balasana and then repeat to cat cow …
warming the spine and shoulders…. slowly pushing up into half dog, stretching the arms
 and warming the joints.
We repeat this several times just coming into half dog with knees bent, allowing our 
bodies to warm and flex.
Back to all 4s and into cat cow then pushing up to downward facing dog… pushing 
through the shoulders and peddling out the heels..1st one then the other… holding here 
for 4 breaths.
then stepping feet to hands into forward fold from hips taking time to flex wrists…
Coming to table top with hands on shins, lengthening neck and spine…holding for 
2 breaths then back to forward fold for 2 breaths.
Repeating this for 3 sequences…flowing smoothly.
Then into low lunge raising arms up above head into small back bend for 2 breaths.  from here with front leg straight back leg, knee on floor, lower body over front leg and 
reach toward ankle…hold for a count of 2 breaths..strengthening calf and hamstrings. 
return to low lunge and repeat on opposite leg.
then return to forward fold….calves/hamstrings warm and stretched.
We repeated this for 6 sessions, getting deeper into the stretch each time and flowing 
more smoothly from one pose to the next.
by the end of this I was very warm and my body felt energised and tingly.
I love this feeling, it makes me feel like I am working hard.
We moved onto 8 rounds of sun sals.  I love doing the sun salutations.  It is something I 
am very familiar with hence I am able to focus on my breath…inhaling/exhaling, one 
breath for one move…. without having to pay too much attention to my teacher.
This makes the flow smoother.
Each round gives me an opportunity to get deeper into the stretch and to get the posture better.
we then rested for a couple of minutes in childs pose, relaxing completely.

Time for some seated twists, an opportunity to twist and massage our internal organs.  
This is fantastic for our digestive system and helps to beat bloat, especially as we don’t 
really get an opportunity to twist our bodies much in a normal day ( unless you are a 
dancer or fitness instructor )

And also an ideal time to do it when the body is warm.
Image result for supine twistwe moved onto some seated wide legged forward folds
 ( which I am useless at!! ) diagram to right shows how it should look !!! lol

 but I do persevere and do as best as I can, but it is definitely not one of my favourites!
Then onto supine spinal twist, which I enjoy doing, again
 fantastic for
massaging internal organs and strengthening abs/obliques.
And we are already in a laying down position…so brings us 
nicely into savasana….AND BREATHE   ( for 10 mins )
feeling relaxed/energised/calm/relaxed….

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

and there's more...: yoga time

and there's more...: yoga time: Namaste The best and only way to start the day Excited to be going to my favorite #yoga class to date.... so its been 2 weeks d...