Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Its over before its began

Xmas I'm talking about......

And there's more....Image result for emoticons
All that rushing about last month like a mad fool...will she like that the right they like smellies.....shud i buy matchin wellies!!!!!
Image result for wellies cartoons

and here we are.... with a day before New Years Eve
All the pre-xmas panic a thing of the past.

wrapping paper in the bin....

.at last

Auld Lang Syne will soon be upon us
Image result for auld lang syne

So please dont worry ...bout a thing....cuz as u just seen....everythins gonna b alright
cuz u got a whole 361 days before Xmas

This is my message to you ........
Image result for new year eve wishes quotesImage result for new year eve wishes quotes

Godbless you and yours...

Thursday, 10 December 2015

#Dentist phobia overcome but not defeated.....I did it.....i had my teeth whitened!!!!

Warning....this contains items that some people may find distressing

I have had a phobia of dentists for as long as I can remember...obviously it is something I have had to address on many occasions so as i could keep my teeth in a reasonably good condition...but I have never found it easy to say the least.......the very idea would bring me out in sweats and anxiety attacks. 
But I also love nice teeth and I think it is very important to look after them.

SO it was after much thought and worry that I decided i needed my teeth whitened...(after 50 years of they were definitely over due !!! 😨 )
This is a brief account of my experience:

For once I didn't really do much research....probably should have. ..spoke to a few friends etc.  They spoke of sensitivity for a few days etc....some said they couldn't see any difference. ...and so forth.
I really wasn't prepared for the device they put in your mouth 😲 call me naive  ( but I won't answer to it ho ho ho πŸ˜‰ ) 
It was uncomfortable. ..not painful 
I had 3 x 20 minutes sessions which were interrupted briefly by another coat of the whitening all about an hour with this device in your mouth

It was almost impossible to speak.... ( which did not go down well with me )
And I had to keep still...again something I am not good at..
I didn't experience much sensitivity at the time but a few hours later I did.
It lasted for a couple of days..i took a couple of paracetamol which helped
I avoided colourful food and red wine for several days as advised.

It was not an enjoyable experience.....but i was pleased with the result....i think the lady had quite a tall order.....

this is a before and after....not mine i must say.

This is b4 ( and i am not happy that i have had to show it ) yuk!!!

But this is the after..So just need to get them straightened

Friday, 20 November 2015

It takes all sorts

People that come into our lives  

one of the things I like about my job is that I meet a lot different two days are the same....and some people leave a lasting memory.....

one such person was,,,,shall we call him Mr Sad ( a short 3 letter word that said a multitude of things about this man )
there is no disrespect meant by this is truly how I saw him

' Good morning Sir, how are u today ?'
'Could b better ' was his short reply
he was an eldery man in his early 90's, he appeared physically healthy and of sound mind.  He was neatly dressed
 and well spoken.
I booked him in and asked him to take a seat until it was his turn.
He apologised for being early, to which I replied that it was absolutly fine and no need to apologise.
' I dont like to be late, but these days I'm seem to b even earlier....'
he continued
'My wife died a few months ago....and I seem to have so much time on my hands now.....we were married for over 70 years you know....she was my best friend'
I'm sorry for your loss, I told him
'We used to go dancing....we danced in the tower in Backpool u know....we'd already got our holiday booked for this Xmas'
He continued to relay several events of there lives
The fact that hed spent some time with his children since his wife had died...and that he felt he was in the way ( even though his children were very kind and very caring...he assured me )
'She wouldnt b very pleased with me ......mopeing about....feeling sorry for myself you know.....Get on with it she'd say to me...whats done is done.....move on!!!!'
Thats what I miss....the Bantor.......
When he left after his appointment.....I realised what an impact he'd had on me.......I wandered about him going back to an empty home....preparing his food alone....going to bed alone.....
So if you have an opportunity to smile at someone today or just spend a few moments to ask how someone is....then do.....
It might be the only bit of company they have today

Thursday, 19 November 2015

And the reward is...... there wine.....thank you very much!!!!!

I thought that might get your usually gets all mine !!!
Image result for smiley face
this is what keeps me sane whilst at work..(  no silly I dont drink and work !!!!)    the thought that this is waiting for me when I finish .Image result for smiley face.please dont misunderstand me.....I love what I do....I love all the patients...(especially the older ones...many of whom are in their 90's )
but its just that little know....yes we all have one....some are nicer than others....yep you guessed  Image result for smiley face bossthe boss.....
So I smile and bite my tongue...and thats not easy for me...and just keep thinking  
 'u can do this...u've faced a lot tougher situations than this...this is a walk in the park .....'  and then reward myself with a nice glass of wine......
To say I'm surprised that I still have a job is an understatement.....but I do.....and  have now been there for 7     Image result for smiley face boss

so for all of u reading this who are having a hard time at work.....stick at ye tongue.....prove them wrong....u can do it.....dont let it beat u !!!!!!   your better than that......and dont forget ...u can always have 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Amazing Lip Balm

So  this little discovery is too good to keep to myself!!!
So here goes
It is exclusive in the UK, to #Primark, yes u heard it correctly. 
And u know I love a bargain. ( To b fair, I wasn't expecting miracles, but at £2....I thought I would give it a go) yes that's correct a whole £2 !!!!!  And in #Primark that's a lot !!!!
I have always had a bit of an issue with lipsticks if I'm honest and as I said I was a bit apprehensive. 
My lips are a bit sensitive 😚 (as I am myself πŸ˜‰)
Well folks I have been using it now for about 6 months and I love it😍.
It is a natural product as it says on the packet.
It keeps the lips moist without looking too shiny and I have also applied it before bed if my lips have been a little dry from sun or wind exposure....πŸ˜§πŸ˜‹.now now 😲
I have used this product occasionally as a base under my lippy and works well if u have allergy to lipstick ( as I do )
I did have a bit of a fright when I went to get some more.....
Cus there wasn't any !!!!😨
I thought typical.....found something I like and now it's discontinued  ( ( this happens to me all the time ) 
Well to cut a long story short  ( ok ok it already quite a long story !!!)
I ended up looking it up on line ( as u do 😊) found the distributor who was very helpful ( thank u 😊 )
She told me it was only available in the uk at Primark. ... ( I d already contacted all my local ones with no joy )
But the lovly lady emailed me a few days later to inform me knew supplies were goin out.
Fab...I now have a fresh supply😚😚
There are other lovly natural flavors but unfortunately not for the uk at the moment. 

Please excuse the blogging format as I'm on holiday at the moment😎 and working on my phone
Happy puckering peeps πŸ˜—πŸ˜™

Monday, 21 September 2015

hi there....

Update...Yes there's more  

Another month has gone by?????
U can not be serious 

Its fair to say that I am still enjoying the job 
That is when the boss is not there !!!

Missing blogging time...too 
I gonna try harder......( my boss says.. yes...but not hard enuf !!! )

Cant believe its been 4 months tho....(time flies wen u r enjoying yeself!!!!   lol )
Still not got to grips with everything i have to do...( I've told u...its my age!!!   But I'm definitley better than wot I thought I was gonna be....)
Better today than I was last week
and I intend to be better next week 
than what i am today
Wish me luck

And the thought of that nice glass of vino when I finish work is definitley a good incentive to get through the day....

So here's wishing u goodnight n Godbless...sweet dreamzzzzzzz

Friday, 14 August 2015

Update I'm back

Good Morning to you all 

Ok   u spotted that....its true it isnt the 13th....but still the rest of the message is a good tip...have a great weekend

Its been ages....hope u r all well....apologies...its been tooo u all hought I'd gone to meet my maker!!!

Yes I have been very busy with a new job.....stresssssful is an understatement...buts thats another post
So I am finally getting to grips with it after 3 months!!!!  ( yes I know thats a long time....but I'm getting on a bit and my brain dosnt absorb things so good!!! )  And there's more ....  to learn...
as the boss keeps saying.
God help me !!!!
I tell myself.....wish me luck.....

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

#Skin Cleansing Brush #LloydsPharmacy......a peach of a bargain

Thought I would share this with you.        

If any of you have shopped these facial cleansers you will no they are bloody expensive....some are more than £100. 

so imagine my surprise whilst browsing the bargains in my Local chemist.....Lloyds Pharmacy ( as I do )  when I came across this.

I have often toyed with the idea of buying one of these ( well at my age you will try anything )  but have resisted the urge mainly due to the price !!!

This little number was reduced from £39.99   to £16.99     
So yes I thought I'd treat myself....I dont know how good they are but will keep you posted.
if you wouud like to bag yourself a bargain you will need to be quick....this little bargain ends at the end of the week.

Monday, 4 May 2015

wow...its been ages!!!!

Wow...cant believe its been 2 weeks since my last blog

So  really need to get organised
There was the holiday
And some personal S**t
Husband having a boys holiday!!!
And a bank holiday

And yes its fair to say it seems a lo longer!!!!

So on that note 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday I was racing round like a headless chicken....↩↪❓❔↔
rudely awakened by my alarm clock...sandwiches to prepare...household chores to be to be prepared for teatime...and then some !!!
But today I'm sitting on a trusty Thomson...views over France and Vienna...heading toward Cyprus for a cheeky 7 days....oh yes ....and a nice glass of somthing nice.....

Beautiful Sunny Cyprus

This is one of the many beautiful sights we have seen over a few short days in beautiful Cyprus. 

 The sea caves situated just along the coast from Ayia Napa heading towards Sterna.

The crystal clear waters caress the entrance to these amazing sights   nature at its beautiful best.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Little notes to oneself !!!

I couldnt resist editing it !!!!  ( note to oneself blogger on mobile not a good idea !!! )

Yes I Have to admit I am little note nutter!!!! 
Let me tell u more...
As i 've got older....yes yes I sed it.... ( and not gracefully  
I feel the need 2 write notes and lists everywhere for everything! !!
Annd there's more....
God forbid I even leave a txt 2 myself to tell me 2 look at my notes !!!!!

So i am just browsing my Phone motes !!! And i find my 'things 2 get for my holiday '   

And yes u guessed it....theres things I forgot to get.....
But on the bright wasn't my passport
Happy holidays  

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Very Hectic couple of dayz....keeps your mind active

So this is the mad few days before your hols
Buying all those essentials. 💳😞
👡👚👜👚👗👒💄👠.only to find when you get home that in your excitement you bought them yesterday much for being a savvy shopper 😈
Do i really need a different sun oil ( is it gonna make me more bronzed 😉....can i afford it?   Or afford not too !! 😲  😅)
Is this the hotel that has the lovly bathroom essentials etc   🚿🍸???
Or was that the other one   !!!
Phew  i wil definitely need a holiday after all this shopping !!!
How much luggage am I allowed ????

Please excuse my mobile blog....I m blogging on the go.....x

Saturday, 11 April 2015

#wow...another b.e.a.utiful day

Summer is on its way....

watch this spot
Have a great weekend