Friday, 12 September 2014

Day 5....lovly Lisbon

Breath taking is what comes to mind as I sail into Lisbon

   The amaziing sights that greet you as you sail into Lisbon....Christ The King and the fantastic Lisbon Bridge. Its design was inspired by that of the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and it is even painted in the same color. 

  Time for a spot of sight seeing is what we had in on disembarking from the ship we hopped on a tour bus...the weather was amazing and we headed off taking advice from tthe tour operator that we could get on and off as we chose.  So we got off in the centre which was beautiful with some amazing staues and interesting shops and of course several nice cafes, one of which we decided to have a pit stop at...
Hopped back on the bus ( as u do !!)  and realised not long ino the journey that we were not heading back to port, but further bear in mind we had to be back on board for 4.30 and i vaguely remember the tour operator saying that each different route took about 1hr and 25 mins!!!! and yes you've guessed we were on the wrong one...panic time looming!!!! check the map and yes panic some more because we can not get off for at least 30 minutes...this is not good
                                                      might just be in time to hear the horn sounding as they disappear out of port!!
Unbelievably the bus goin the other way pulled behind us and we were able to hop  on it just in time to get the ship.....definitley need to make sure we check which bus we are on next time.
We were told onboard that several passengers had missed the boat and had to be bought along side in the coast guard boat....that would of been embarrasing ( funny )

Safely back on board and we get ready for a nice meal in the Macbeth dining room....followed by a show in the theatre.....this is good times ( and believe me when i think where i came from...i never in my wildest dreams believed i could be doing these kind of things!!!! ) It could only be better if I ad my family with me to share it.   Thank u Lord...feeling blessed

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