Sunday, 14 September 2014

Day 13 sailin 2day

So we r on our way back 2 the UK...slip quietly from the cabin leavin all the sleepin beauties or shud I say beasties snorin away to have my mornin coffee in peace...

So wouldn't you know it instead of bein greeted by bright blue skies n sunshine its thick cloud n wind thats tryin 2 blow ye off ye feet...on second thoughts I think I'll find somewhere inside 2day 2 av my coffee...chances r I wil have no coffee left in my cup ( the coffee is literally bein blowed out of my cup )
 A funny sight greets me n my coffee once I am safely bak inside...people tryin to wrestle with their towels n bags....tryin to brush the hair from outta of their faces..n stay up straight as they try to navigate to their favourite sunbed spot!!!! Really sunbeds today ????
 Li'l smile 2 my self...that was me just  
After breakfast we decide 2 have a stroll round the shops on board..b4 attempting 2 go bak on dek a few hrs later....surprise surprise! ! How things can change...definitely need the shades now...that gloomy weather has now been replaced by beautiful blue skies and sunshine yet again...weirdest thing is that wen u r inside the ship it is impossible 2 know what the weather is like...just like the cabins...u have no idea of time day month..(we have an inside cabin which is sufficient for wot we need but has no natural light so confuses the body  even more!!)
Times speeds by like the ship as we sail bak w the Uk...n b4 long its time for evenin meal...with a brief sighting of dolphins swoopin effortlessly In and out of the amazingly calm water...nature at its very best....
The evening show, although not as good as the show the dolphins put on,was very entertaining . (Tribute to Queen)

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