Thursday, 26 January 2017

Day 2...oh my days

so my 2nd day out on the road..visiting the not so able in their homes...

my day started at 7.45 am and ended at 7.10 pm...and its probably fair to say it seemed longer!!!

my colleages are of the through your lunch hour and get home earlier..
er no...actually it didnt work like that...long long day and still got the tea to do when I got back
happy days

Again an array of people....some elderley, some with dementia, some youngsters with severe mental health problems, physically disabled ...all needing a lot of care and especiallt TLC ( tender loving care ) and some so happy to see chat to us

Do I really need this kind of emotional stress in my life...( like my own family dosnt stress me enough !!! 😉)

My colleagues seem to be oblivious to their problems ( i mean that in a nice way ) the optom today is the calmest, most patient person ive seen, nothing too much trouble
my other colleague said ' dont worry by next week you'll breeze through..all this will go over your head '
Do i want to breeze i want to be complacent with this???
I do feel their is a need for us in the community but I dont know wether I want to be reminded of it on a regular basis...
Related imagehuman beings sat in the same room for days on end ..not knowing what day or even what year it is...tragic..immensly sad
and a thousand thanks to the carers who feed and sit with them every day...dealing with their needs   
and what is even more surprising is that they do it seemlessly without complaint..Godbless em
Will I stick this job??  who knows... watch this blog....

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