Saturday, 14 January 2017

gotta love a bargain

and there's more sale items...
and some very nice bits in #marks and spencers today

Image result for hands over eyes emojiso I managed to misplace my very nice jacket!!! ( no really I'm being serious )
Dont worry if it would of been one of my old ones somebody would have returned it....
but alas I dont think its coming back, its been a couple of weeks now   
worrying thing is I dont even know where Ive left it .....

so I have no choice I will have to buy one..
lucky for me the sales are on
#marks and spencers have got a shed load of lovly coats/jackets all sizes/styles/colours

so i plum for a knee length navy blue cashmere blend ...very smart if I do say so
( and almost half price...too good to miss...timeless piece )

See if I can hang on to this one!!!!

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