Tuesday, 17 January 2017

such a shame

so we live in an amazing country with so many opportunities for our youngsters...or so we are told

so why is it that our youngsters ( boys and girls ) feel the need to ( as seen on 

Good Morning Britain | GMB - ITV.com )

  • take dozens of selfies to examine before they go out each morning...and post these on social media
  • admit to wanting cosmetic surgery before they even get into double figures! 
  • youngsters often isolate themselves because of body image anxiety.
  • wont go swimming because they are not happy with their body
Our youngsters are obsessed with stars that look perfected in every picture
It is a very sad world we live in for a lot of kids today....God only knows how they will feel and what lengths they will go to when the real wrinkles start to appear!!!

in the words of Susanna Reid......

I say embrace the unfiltered picture
Susan reid posted her picture as she looks before she goes on sset and also one after the make up team have done their work !!!
( and 99 % of stars / celebritys go through a similar regime before they are seen in public )
Well done Susanna....Susanna Reid shared an inspiration make-up free selfie with her followers

May be if more stars would copy Susanna s lead then more kids could see that nobody is perfect and that all the stars get a lot of help to look the way they do

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