Wednesday, 4 January 2017

itchy feet

so this is another example of a well known saying

Meaning: If you have itchy feet, you feel the need to go somewhere different or do something different.

and it sums up exactly how ive been feeling for the last couple of months 
Image result for obviously emoticon( job front I'm referring to ......not my private life !!! )
Image result for laughing emoticon

But as usual I thought...  ( yes I know thinking is probably not my strongest point ) 

' I could run before I could walk '  

Idiom Definitions for 'Run before you can walk'

If someone tries to run before they can walk, they try to do something requiring a high level of knowledge before they have learned the basics.
Yep that sounds about right....I think I should of checked out what i needed for these jobs before I handed my notice in....cus it looks like I needed more experience than what i have !!!!  Image result for hands over eyes monkey emoji
Yep that just about sums me up ...... a monkey !!!!
so most of the companies that have contacted me, ref my application...
'Yes you sound ideal....just the type of person we are looking for...but we need someone with more experience, you need to get in with a company that has experienced staff so as you can learn from them'
Yep thank you.....thats what I'm trying to do ....
And there was no way I was ever going to develop my skills in my previous employment....
Oh well onwards and upwards....Image result for confused smiley

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