Friday, 6 January 2017

one of those days

yes I'm sure we all have them...
and I guess some of them are self inflicted..
I suppose a bit like this one !!!Image result for one of those days funny
But not altogether.. 
its kind  of crept up on me...too many sleepless nights...too many hours to think and over analys s##t
and then there is that one too many glasses of ...yes you guessed it ( its NOT water )
oh yes you drop straight off to sleep ...but not 3 hours are 'wide awake club'   and nothing is getting you back to sleep   
so you get up...exhausted by 9am !!!!
Related image  me today.... and i havnt even been to the gym !!!  lol
but this is just a bleep...tomorrow is another on a positive note...i woke up ( even if it was a bit early ) 
Goodnight Godbless..Sleep tight

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