Thursday, 12 January 2017

Delicious mid week pasta

My take on a pasta night......mmmmm

I'm not really into bland food so the idea of having a bowl of pasta and butter with a sprinkling of cheeses is never really gonna cut it for me...

so here goes .... pasta deliciosa...

  • a bowl full of lardons ( smoked I prefer ) cooked till crispy
  • an onion diced and fried till brown but still soft in what eva you prefer ( fry slowly )
  • peppers (what eva type you have in fridge ) cut coarsley and fried
  • A handful of baby plum tomatoes cut in half n fried
  • couple of garlic cloves cut or crushed 
  • any other veg u like can be added to the frying pan ( just ensure everything is cooked to a similar consistency ) 
put on pasta to cook ..drain when al dente....

Image result for hot pasta with bacon lardons tomato and peppers
When all veg are cooked to your liking and seasoned ( I like a few flakes of dried chilli seasoning for a bit of a kick ) add your drained pasta to other fried ingredients in frying pan and heat through

Pour out onto warm plate or bowls and sprinkle with grated cheese...delicious

washed down with your favourite glass ( or bottle ) of vino

This of course can be revamped to your own liking by adding or taking away ingredients

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