Thursday, 5 January 2017

I remember now what it is I miss

So I popped to see my elderly neighbours today ( both 90 ) 

They are just fab....and it reminded the one thing I miss about my job....the patients.
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There not in the best of health but they are OK and they have each other.....

They are always so grateful when they get visitors and they always tell me about the past...
wonderful old stories from years ago...( the patients at the clinic used to do the same...great stories )

so they proceeded to tell me today about how a couple they both knew had a falling out...and i use the term loosely !!!!
He had found out she was having an affair so he strangled her...and lo and behold he was hung!!!
Oh my days...but they said that was the only man they knew who was hung in this area

Oh well thats alright then .....   Gotta luv em   

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