Monday, 9 January 2017

full refund with receipt or an exchange.. no problem

So its the time of year when we have a good look through our xmas gifts ( bought for us and bought by us.. for us !!!  )
those lovly jeans that are never going to fit ( just kidding myself ) and especially not after all those mince pies!!
that 2 sizes too big top off the in - laws !!
And in the words of the shop assistants.... ( when you purchase )
'of course, no problem, just pop along after xmas...full refund with receipt or an exchange '
so journey too the shopping centre is imminant,  all tags intact and receipt at the ready

Debenhams ...not a problem
M and S... not a problem

Then there was not the ones you wear...
I had a very well known perfume bought for me...a li'l clue
Related image

And I hadnt even opened it to try it!!!!

It was after lunch on a Sunday and after asking at the appropriate counter for a refund
I did try the friendly and even the jokey husband had obviously got me mixed up with his girlfriend ...
..they firstly tried to convince me to purchase another perfume ..and i did try a few but wasnt really in the mood, 
then she announced that there wouldnt be enough cash in the till!! with a very smug face...
and suggested that I try at the main checkout...which I did....would you believe it....theres not enough cash in the till..
You can not be serious Image result for angry emoticons
You could try upstairs...was the not too helpful suggestion
Which I did under protest....
We probably havnt got enough cash in the till came the rather rude reply from the middle aged toffee nosed assistant....( I tell you she was middle aged for this reason ) Image result for angry emoticons
A quick response came from the very young assistant who was on one of the other tills...Oh its ok I have got more than enough in mine if its any help...
Thank The Lord for that young lady....otherwise I dread to think where I would of been sent
Obviously someone who had been trained on being helpful and not how to be smug and unhelpful
Image result for confused emoticons
Tip to boots If you do give refunds make sure all your staff are aware of this and equally as accomodating as when they are recieving the money from us!!!

And just in case any one is wandering the refund amount was £68 not £680 !!!
and the mall was full

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