Monday, 2 January 2017

poignant time of the year

For myself and I think for others too ( listening to comments over the last couple of days) this time of the year can be very thought provoking, often sad as we look back over the previous year/s....
telling ourselves that we should be doing something worthwhile because others havnt got that chance...

I always find myself wandering what to do on a new years day..or more to the point what should I be doing....Image result for confused emoji  shouldnt I be doing something important/significant...may be I should go for a walk???
shake off the cobwebs..out with old and all that  Image result for get rid of cobwebs quotes 
And sure enough this year wasnt very different, cooked a meal, tidied round, ( didnt go for a walk )  etc
And xmas and new year all of  a sudden seem miles away....
a distant memory

I think I need to make a plan for next year ( if God spares me ) and I need to put a reminder in my phone for september ensuring I have something planned!!!!    Image result for emoji faces 
Related imagemaybe I should put a reminder to remind me to put a reminder in !!!!

 over thinking the situation ???    lol

obviously got too much time on my hands.....

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