Saturday, 31 December 2016

so the count down has begun

So there is less than a day left of 2016 left......
And we have left a lot of truly beautiful people in 2016...
we cant change what has been....we cant hide what we've seen
(and why would we want to )
because everything is part of our journey, some good some not so.....take with you what you need and leave the rest in 2016
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and these are just some of the memories i want to bring with ME

Always be dosnt cost anything.. to strangers as well as your family ...simple things like kindness..smiles..hugs dont need to be a millionaire to give these wonderful gifts in abundance and it you can be richer beyond belief when you recieve them
Always be grateful....when you wake each new day be grateful...

have laugh enjoy the company of friends and is short..enjoy it

Happy New Year to You and Yours..Thank you for sharing 2016 with me
.wishing you every blessing that God has to offer

praying that 2017 is the best year yet for all of us
love and best wishes

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