Thursday, 22 December 2016

Day 3 in Cyprus.....Walked my legs off

So today we have had the pleasure of walking 8 miles of this beautiful coastline.. and it is breathtaking..

That's not to say that our own coasts are not amazing too...
we also  have some breathtaking areas in the UK... just a pity we dont have better weather so as we would have more days to enjoy them....

 the light house .round the coast toward Kings Avenue...... to the brand new shopping centre which is very modern and cosmopolitan....... stopping for a very well earned refreshment at 'two for tea' on kings avenue... lovly of 3 in the pafos area. 

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 in complete contrast... we stopped to look at the amazing Archaeological ruins which is situated just off the harbour....i would liked to have spent more time here....but due to other commitments wasnt possible....

Yes my legs and feet are sore still...not the right foot wear on !!!....  but my heart is gladdened to much beauty and history on this little island.... definitely island of love 
I think my hubby was sick of hearing ... how beautiful....   lol

Our busy day was ended with a Chinese meal in a immaculate establishment called The Imperial in paphos harbour..
And although in my opinion ( which is not necasarily an expert opinion ) it wasnt particularly WAS very busy...very friendly and food was delicious....
perfect end to a perfect day

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