Wednesday, 28 December 2016

he's 20 !!!!

so in the madness that is the xmas of my hansome boys was 20...yes thats what i questioned ????
Cant believe its been 20 time flies
my li'l boy has grown up to be a 6ft hansome young man who I'm very proud to call MINE
i look at him, and just like the 1st time i saw him, i melt cuz hes mine
Because as mothers we are all so proud of our children
Now dont misunderstand me hes not good ALL the time!!! (well, not quite) Related image
he can be untidy...annoying...tormentive...arrogant....selfish....he makes me worry....
yep all those traits are from his father Related image   

but he is loving... big hugs.... hard working....hansome as the devil ( yes I know I've already said that !!)  and most importantly he wouldnt do you a bad turn if he couldnt do you a good one...yes and as you've already guessed... those traits are from me...obviously
Related image
And I can hear all you parents saying the same things about all yours....  Count your blessings  x
I thank The Lord every day for mine 

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