Friday, 9 December 2016

The beauty of this 2

2nd day and the sun has got her hat on...

 Breathtaking other words for the beautiful coastline of Cyprus

So we decided to walk in to pafos across the coastline...
 A good stretch of the legs 
( my muscles are still aching from.  yesterdays walk... )
( About 20-25 mins along get the beach or an hr if u keep stopping to admire the beautiful sights !!  About 15 minutes walk if you take the road route....perfectly safe...even in the evening )

But worth every minute, soaking up the sights whilst the warm winter sun glistens across the  crystal clear waters gently bathing  the rocks in white foam as the tide comes in.

And there's more...there is always more beauty to behold on this beautiful island at every turn.....

Not yet lunch time but already an odd few fisherman patiently playing the waiting game...lines poised across the craggy rocks....baskets sat alongside.

I truly believe i could just keep walking and walking and never tire of seeing the breathtaking beauty which is Cyprus......The Lord did well when he made this beautiful Island

Yes I think its fair to say I'm in love.....

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