Thursday, 22 December 2016

Day 4 .... heading towards St Nicholas church Pafos

So for our sins we are setting out on yet another walk...

This time heading the opposite way towards the beautiful  St Nicholas church which is situated idyllically on the coast looking out towards the beautiful Mediterranean..

sadly I had got shorts on and tshirt so thought it would be disrespectful to enter

The path onwards was again beautiful  but changed somewhat from the very rugged paths we had trod before...the coastline was a lot flatter with a lot of construction going on quite baron in some spots .. quite different to the modern area we had left behind. But the natural beauty was still unmistakably Cyprus....

We stopped for water at a very authentic Cypriot beach bar !!
Rissos....established  1975...yep and I do believe it was the original carpet !!!
I think the two old cyprit gents were a bit put out that i popped in for water...i think i was disturbing their sleepy Sunday ....and he was looking at me as if to say 'why are you not home cooking the lunch ?' ......

A very different picture to the area we are staying..
But more of an insight into the old Cyprus.... fascinating

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