Friday, 30 December 2016

So a New Year is looming

So we are just 2 days left of 2016....and it certainly looks like there will be some changes for me...
hopefully all good...

My job of 20 months has now ended ...due to several factors...
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  • needing something more challenging now ( i may live to regret saying that !)
  • no opportunity to develop skills or progress
  • the bosses being completly unprofessional on many levels ( 4 members of staff left in 8 months including myself )
  • more money would be nice.....
so  I am busy sending cv and making calls 

And one thing this year has learnt me is that life is short and dont let the grass grow beneath your feet ( another saying there )

Don't let the grass grow under one's feet -

Act now, don't delay. For example, Write your applications today; don't let the grass grow under your feet. This expression alludes to waiting so long that grass grows

Related imageSo if you cant sleep do your job applications

Bcus if we are not happy with our  'job lot'  then we need to at least try to do something about it....and if it dosnt work out well HEY 

I will have to keep looking

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