Friday, 23 December 2016

Day 5 troodos mountains

Troodos mountains 
today we are having a break from walking and going on an excursion to the beautiful Troodos complete contrast to the coast and loer land the mountains are full of trees and rich vegetation a sight to behold....the views as you get higher are breath taking....

Omodus... Stavros Monastery or the Monastery of the Holy Cross Omodos reportedly holds relics taken directly from Golgotha, the site of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. An amazing sight of the Great Cross with the Holy Rope. The piece of rope was given by St. Helena on her visit in 327-328 AD. A wooden Cross with a gold and silver-plated cover is placed in a special canopy at the iconostasis, bearing various depictions from the life of Christ.

At the centre of the Cross is  the ‘AGIO SCHINIO’ (Holy Rope It is reportedly the sole existing piece in the world.) 

This church is a wonder of the World where visitors come to pray, asking for miracles related to family issues, health and happiness.

We travelled through plano-convex platres.... reportedly  King Faruk Egypt..had 1st eva brandy sour here. your guess is as good as mine !
Several different events of that story!

Then we went to the Monastery of the blessed virgin, where the sisters served up a snack of
Halva...tea..bread...olives. The halva was amazing ...a  sweet dense dessert that is made by the nuns.
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Monastery of kykkos with many of the monasteries in cyprus, contains many holy relics... this one is dedicated to the blessed virgin ... one of 3 icons here is the miraculous icon. a painting of our Lady  painted by St Luke.   said to be blessed by Mary before she died. Reportedly given to the hermit by the emperor as thanx for curing his daughter of a paramedic influenza
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 The Monastery itself is the richest and most lavish of Cyprus’ monasteries and sits on a mountain peak, at an altitude of 1.318 metres northwest of Troodos.

this was a fascinating day and somewhere i could of happily spent a week.... beautiful place to walk and just enjoy the calmness and quiteness

we were told by the guide that one of the monastaries up here is occupied by nuns who pray all day long for rain...yes rain, because the island has very little rain they pray for it continually ....

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