Monday, 26 December 2016

And so life goes on

so we are nearly at the end of another year wow....

time surely flies.... and especially at this time of year we see are made aware of this seeing all the remembrance messages to our loved ones who are no longer with us..... a very poignant time

I myself have experienced grief on a very personal level this year....a close family member ....which for the immediate family was absolutely  devastating.... 
this was a life that without a doubt could of still been here, but due to a very adictive nature life was extinguished much too soon
the family left behind are still fighting a terrible battle of how to carry on...grief is a strange one....pain...sorrow...anger...guilt of still living!!
i also lost a very beautiful and dear frend.... someone who wanted to live so share experiences..good and see famiy grow...who loved life so so much  ( i will talk about my dear frend again..ive no doubt of this...i have thought of her so much )
Two very different circumstances....but to the same end
Life goes on... all be it...on a different level..we never accept it    we just learn to distract ourselves and live with the memories ...
Image result for enjoy this amazing lifeBut the moral of the story is life is short...shorter for some ...grasp it with both hands and live like its your last day...Enjoy this amazing life    Related image    

Enjoy everything life has to offer....and remember be kind on your lifes journey.... 

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