Monday, 26 December 2016

so they say...lets get back to brass tacks

Funny isnt it that as youngsters we are bought up with many different sayings....
And as you would expect we take them as gospel and know exactly what they mean  ( well we know what our parents/families mean when they say them!) to my blog

The saying ' Lets get back to brass tacks' came to mind when i was about to blog today...
And then it crossed my mind that just maybe it didnt mean what I thought it did Image result for shocked smiley  so I thought I better check first
Brass tacks are a type of pin or nail, sometimes called a drawing pin. In colloquial English, the phrase to get down to brass tacks is an idiom that means to focus on essential details, such as measuring out the precise amount of an item for sale.

Brass Tacks - Wikipedia

So there you have

And funnily enough that wasnt even what my blog was 

about.....I was scanning my emails for any suitable jobs

which I could apply for and checking my cv etc

and as they say...i thought yep

' time to get back to brass tacks'          wish me luck.......

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