Sunday, 23 July 2017

You take the good with the bad

this is not about me having a bad day..or even about me having a good day...
God knows I am grateful of all my days/blessings

this is about what eva kind of day/week/etc I have...and the fact I can never share this experience with the people I once held so dear πŸ’”
sure I believe that my Mam n Dad look down and watch over me every day...but its still not the same 

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'Hey Mam.... we got a new grand child'....
'Hey Dad....come and av a drive in our new car...'
'luv ya and miss ya'
Dont misunderstand me ...I have beautiful kids and grandkids...and I Thank the Lord fornthem every day...but it dosnt stop the needing for ye parents,,,
So if you still have yours....go visit them...ring them..share things with them
Cus if theres one thing I can tell you for sure.....they wont be here for ever......

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