Monday, 24 July 2017

Princess Diana

Unbelievable to think that its been 20 years since Diana died in that awful crash in Paris

I remember it like it was yesterday..

I woke up..flicked the TV on whilst I made a coffee..
(this was my usual routine ..I enjoyed a solitary half an hour most mornings before it would be full steam treat.  my youngest of four was just 7 months  old..)

The screen was just full of sirens and flashing light....
Pandemonium on every screen....

I was in shock...I had always loved and admired Diana
I loved her smile..her tall lean figure..her fab dress sense...her open show of love to her children...and also her vunerability 

Its true to say I wept...and also now find myself very emotional writing this...
such a sad and tragic event ( which is fair to say affected millions all over the world...not leastly her lovly boys  )Related image

The picture of those boys following their Mother's coffin will stay with me for ever..

So impressed with Prince William and Prince Harry at how they have kept her memory alive..
She would be so proud of  how they have grown up....( every credit to you Diana )
I will be watching the programme 'Diana, our Mother'... which is due to be screened tonight
and yes I will probably need the tissues.....
RIP Diana you beautiful Lady.... Image result for princess Diana

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