Friday, 28 July 2017

No pain no gain....

Good morning (and i use the term loosely πŸ˜‰....)
too early to be up really....
But the back has won again...
Yes its still ruling the roost...
It still painful especially when lay down....
but on the plus is marginally better
wouldnt like to say I found a magical cure ( unfortunately 😐)
Related imagemore likely to be a combination of stretching, keeping mobile, body balance ( just working to sensible level ) yoga, mudra 
(not many pain killers to be fair )
so I will be at my balance class later on and hope and pray ( oh yes prayers are always good )
that it continues to get better
unbelievable the affect that a bad back has on your life....  
( truly feel sorry for people who suffer from it on a regular basis )
it has made me feel miserable, incapable, tired, slow, irritable, unbalanced ( too name a few )
cant believe that it has actually been responsible for injuring myself more !!!
bumping into things, not being quick enough to avoid things,,,
due to not wanting to injure my back more!!!
the list is endless!! 
just from a bad back!!!
so I will definitely be careful in future....try to build more core strength...and check my posture etc

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