Monday, 31 July 2017

now thats weird s##t

duvet moment.....
( I was quite concerned !!! )πŸ˜•

So as usual I had washed and dried the bedding ...and then...YES
I'd forgot to put them back on the bed ...
so found myself doing it at 8 o'clock at night

Image result for cant put my duvet cover on !!!Nothing unusual about that I hear you say....
But I couldnt remember how to put the duvet cover back on!!!!! πŸ˜•
really...I just stood there with it in my hand ( as u do )
I looked at the duvet...them at the cover..back at the duvet..Yes you get the picture..
Yes I suppose I could of been half a sleep ( but I wasnt )
Yes I could of had to much red wine ( but not in this case )

It was only when I put the duvet cover down that I realised what I needed to do.....
In my case..the duvet cover needed to be flat on the bed and me holding the duvet!!!!!! 😜
then it all just fell into place ( if you'll pardon the pun ) and not quite actually...
a bit of poking that corner into that corner and a bit of shaking etc...yes I'm sure you get the gist

But weird????
I will definitely be keeping an eye to these senior moments......

And you are reading this my daughter...keep an eye on me 🀣

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