Wednesday, 26 July 2017

how does my body feel since yoga

probably not the best day to do this blog....
(back not good... due to a long windey car journey.... i think )

but hey...any day is a good day to blog..( or do yoga πŸ˜‰ )

so its been about 4 months since I started to do yoga classes..( I must be honest this was mainly due to the fact that we lost our body balance instructor )
but to say it has turned my life around is an understatement.....

I absolutely love my new yoga class and our instructor is amazing ( thank u )
Yes it is very hard most days..pushing me to my absolute limit
 ( and I know yoga is about your own limits and a gentle maximum, but I am competitive, even with myself and I do like to challenge myself...but thats just me)
Every one should work to their personal best OR indeed to where they are at on a particular day.

Obviously due to doing body balance I am familiar with some of the positions..but not with the correct names
SAVASANA: corpse pose....etc
( lol..this is the pose I need most at the end of a class πŸ˜‰)

I am very keen to learn these..( they are so difficult to pronounce )

Back to how I feel....
I feel stronger ..more flexible..more positive...more chilled
And yes I have lost a few pounds..partially due to change of diet I will admit..( but I do think the idea of yoga has made me feel like I want to be healthier )

Image result for yoga for lifeIts early days yet I am very eager to continue with my yoga and to see if the improvements last....hopefully for a lifetime....    

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