Tuesday, 18 July 2017

crash bang wallop...descending crow

From Bakasana to.....fall from tree 😒

so this was the day ( today ) that I fell from grace or to be more precise from my crow pose!!!!
I know the instructor said come down gracefully!!!!πŸ˜•

Image result for crow pose in yoga

and yes I have done it in the past...well even as recent as last week

but just to keep me on my toes ( literally speaking ) it was decided by a higher power than me
that I should fall flat on my face ( and shoulder )

its true to say that I have been working out a lot on my arms this week!!!
and yes it was just too much for me...

what can I say...
'Its a learning curve '   ( curve being the operative word ) 
Related image  and yes it did hurt..incase you are wandering
No pain ...no gain...

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