Thursday, 27 July 2017

back pain mudra...

Its fair to say that if we are in pain most of us will try most things...

this usually starts with some basic pain killers...
which sometimes if the pain is mild can be very helpful I've found..

then moving onto stronger painkillers if no relief is found....

And then the list goes on depending on the pain and WHERE it is!!!
Getting professional help is an option for some...( but by the time you get to see a GP its probably better!!! )

could remove the offending body part!!!!!😱
( ie a tooth etc  πŸ˜‰.)
 ( and quite often my hair because that gives me great pain most days when I look in the mirror😦)

But I've found that back ache/pain is one on its own!!!! 
(literally a pain in the #### )
rest it is usually the advice... (then ts goes stiff and you cease up )
Image result for my back hurts cartoontake pain killers..(in my experience they dont work..unless you have perscription drugs < then back to the time scale with GP!! )
massage it...hmmmm I cant reach it....(because it hurts to twist !!)πŸ˜“
stretching exercises ( as in yoga ) yes these can  give some relief...but again its how long it takes
( and as any one who has back ache knows... the longer it lasts..the worse it seems..mainly due to the fact that we assume this ridiculous body position to get away from the pain !!! )
Which in turn gives us aches elsewhere!!!
So I am going to try good old fashioned Mudra
Back pain Mudra
Back Pain Mudra

Image result for mudra for lower back pain

This also gives me an opportunity to explore this fascinating area of yoga

Image result for yoga is good

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