Sunday, 22 January 2017

over thinking...instead of drinking

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So one more sleep...
until the first day of my new job, that is

Related imageand yes for the last couple of weeks  ( since I knew I had got it )  I can say that i have seriously over thought each and evewhich has resulted in me having dreams about situations that I dont know nothing about...
And there's more
If that sounds confusing to you ...imagine how I feel !!!!

I am of course feeling excited, nervous, unsure, elated, anxious....I'm guessing thats how every one feels when they are going into a new situation...
but I can remember feeling exactly the same starting my previous job  ( cant believe that was may 2015 !!! ) 
but, its time for a change
 And there's my old job those feelings didnt change much for the whole time I was there..I do believe I felt the same the day I left!!!!  ( due mainly to the owners...but thats another blog )

Lets hope that is not the case with this job.....

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You would think at my ripe old age that I would be more relaxed about things...but thats not the case

On the positive side I have had a lovly day... busy with my family

Wish me luck

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