Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Good Samaritan

My eldest son is a good sort and if he coudnt do you a good turn, he definitly wouldnt do you a bad one.
He looks quite scary cus hes about 6 foot n probably as wide across!!  (slight exageration) but a good hearted fella n i'm proud to say hes mine,

So he just hapens to be at ours one late afternoon, and its dropping dark.  A couple of his friends call in on him while hes here and they are having a chat on the drive. U get the picture

We live in an area where its mainly old people who have lived here for 25 years ( since the houses were built ) so when we arrived they were very suspicious and very unfriendly to say the least. Sure we dont hale from the typical background that people from this area were familiar with...but hey....who's perfect.
Three years on and most of em are kinda ok with us...wave to knd of thing....( still secretly waiting for us to F*** Up.....)

what is going on and what people assume is going on !!!!!

That was about to get worse!!!!
My sons friends wre just about to leave and one of the houses electric went off....( coincidence i hear you say....) alarm was goin off and allsorts!!!

My neighbours had already got my son tried and hung....
He came out of his house......
''what have you done to my electric? its gone off, what are you doing''
''I ent touched ye electric'' my son replied .laughing.....''let me av a look at it''

So he proceeded to follow the old guy into the house and was met by the old woman
 who pointed him to the fuse box..''its under the stairs''
So mean time the whole of the cul de sac were now out.....imagine what was going through their heads when they came intto the old couples house and saw my lasd under the stairs!!!!!
''What u up to under there son''
''Changin a fuse eh ???  or robbin the joint ''
Luckily my son saw the  funny side of it.....
The old folk explained to their friends that he was sortin out the electric!!!!!

They were very grateful and asked him what they owed him....
He obviously said he would cum back later and help his self !!!!!!!!!

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