Saturday, 6 December 2014

Roller Rage

Confusing to say the least....

Now ladies (may b gents ) I'm guessin it is not only me that has this problem??
Most days I'm happy just to twist my hair into a bun...or a clip...or sometimes I might even plait it.....nothing too difficult about that  hear u say.....


But then comes The Event....The Ball....The worx do....The Xmas party....(or what eva u call it, but u get my drift ye, special occasion )
Your hair that, is usually well behaved, accomodating..easyish!!!  has now turned into.....

and then theres Blow dry dilemma!!!!  
How not to save a bad hair day!!!!

Is it just me ???   when i look in the mirror and try to blow dry my hair...or put the curling tongue co-ordination goes to pot.....i turn the brush the wrong way....i'm drying the wrong section ( the section thats not in the brush!!! )
pass me the Chardonnay kwik !!!

I actually close my eyes so that i can work out which way to roll the honest, is this normal...lmao

Excellent stratedgy.....and hope for the best!!

Yes.... result....
If Only
i spose i cud try the hairdressers.....

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