Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Black Country ? where's that ? revisited !!!

So here goes...i will try to make this clearer...

I hope yow've enjoyed the alphabet rhyme,                 you've
Yow better 'ad done, it took a long time.                      you better have done
About our spakin' they say it sounds queer,                 speaking
We cor help the way we say it raand ere.                     cant.......round here
If yow cud 'elp me wi' sum werds that am new,            you could help me with some words
Ar maaght just rite the alphabet t'you.                            I might 
If yow cor, dow get in a tizzy,                                          you cant, dont get in a flap
I know sum on yow folk am sometimes quite bizzy,        you folk..........busy
Cuz eny rode up, if yow elp me or not,                            because either help
I'll get on wi' me writin and say thatz ya lot.                     with ......thats
Naar that yav errd me aphabet rhyme,                            Now that you've heard
I'd like to thank ya for tekkin the time,                              you for taking
Cuz it aye very aisy this poetry writin,                              Because it isnt very easy
I 'ope that sum on ya find it excitin.                                   I hope that some of you
I'm glad that yo've erred it, but I dow know abaat yow you've heard it..dont know about you
Arr think arm' quite cleva, az me poem ull show.           I think I'm my poem will
Rememba last time when yow saw us last,                    you
Ya know, me, them, un the rest of us cast,                    you know, me, them,and the rest
We asked ya to find sum werds that wuz new                you to find some words that were
So arr cud write me poem part two.                                 I could
Arr bet yo've forgot, un I asked ya sa nice,                   I bet you've forgot, and I asked you so
It looks as if arr shud av asked twice.                           I should of
It's a good job I'm plassid and dow tek afence             placid and dont take offence
But to ask yow poor lot, shud av ad moor sense.         you....should of had more
Now if yarall nice and comfy, settled un that,                you are all......and
I'll start recitation or else ate me 'at,                              eat my hat
Naa cum on, be quiet, tek in and yow lern,   Now come on, be quiet, take it in and you'l learn
Yow dow know it yet, but ar'm the star tern.    You dont....BUT I'M THE STAR TURN

Ope yow all enjoyed it......xx

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