Friday, 26 December 2014

Danny Boy..... for the people we miss

When ever I hear this haunting tune it immediatly reminds me of my dear old dad.
Dosnt matter what i'm doing or where I am...or who I'm just stops me in my tracks....and reminds me how much I miss him

If we were at home and it came on he would sing it and even if we were out in the public house ( pub/inn ) he would sing
....I can see him now, wih his flat cap on just bordering his softt hazel eyes, 
with his pint in front of him and his hand rolled cigarette between his berry brown fingers.....the bits of bacca ( tabacco ) would escape out of the end of the roll up ( cigarette ) and get on to his lip and he would gently spit with his tongue tween his lips till he managed to disard the bit of bacca......
His manner was quiet and understated ...never in your face or rude...never loud or lairy...respectable, old fashioned and well mannered was my dad....
His look was memorable to say the least.....his square manly jaw and strong roman nose was rugged to say the least...his eyes were almond in shape......teamed with his dark weathered skin and ever so slightly ruddy cheeks...the look was complete with a genuine honest kind smile......yes memorable was a good word to use for my dad.
And yes its fair to say I miss You every single day Dad......

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