Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Meditation after yoga

Yoga goes hand in hand with meditation
I'm very new to this and already enjoy some of the benefits
 I think its fair to say that some meditation sessions go better than others
( sometimes my mind can be all over the place and thoughts jumping in to my head one  after another and all I can hear is a clash of voices in my head....and then another time I can listen to the instructor and feel very calm ) 

Today was one such day.....
The instructor was fab..as usual
The class went really well and at the end I was well ready for the reward which came in the form of a 10 minute session of beautiful calm stillness..
Image result for yoga images free10 minutes dosnt sound long but when its spent being still and listening to your breath it can be very beneficial and very beautiful..
it gives us the opportunity to forget our worries and stresses ..even if only for a few minutes
it gives us the opportunity to completely relax
to take a mental picture of our bodies
to slow our breathing and extend our relaxation
And the more we practice it ..the better we become ...and if we practised it for a life time... there would still be more to know

          Our instructor always ends the session, reminding us to remember the moment, the feeling, the calm...
And to take it with us ..to recall it when our next stressful moment looms....and it will
it could be tomorrow..next week..next month

Remember the calm..... And return to it 

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